The importance of artificial intelligence in different fields and sectors

 The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) stems from its being an engine that injects its data into the veins of various sectors of life, as it is an intelligence that has overcome and exceeded the intelligence of its developers, and thus this is what prompted Kevin Kelly to say in his book the inevitable, which discusses the forces of technology and its tendency in the next thirty years, where he says “ Today we are witnessing an intelligence revolution,” as the AI ​​serves humans in all different aspects of life, and the witness to Kevin’s words is an American statistic that says that in the 18th century, the percentage of American citizens working in the field of agriculture was 17%, while in the 20th century It decreased to less than 1%, and this is a natural result of the technology revolution and the smartest devices. In addition to service, it employs people and opens horizons of business.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of artificial intelligence and its reflection on various fields. If the matter interests you, please follow the article to the end.

 The importance of artificial intelligence

In order to dive into the details of the importance of AI, we must first review the reasons that drive us to label it important:

1. The profession of the future: as it opened the door wide for programmers, developers and engineers in various fields. It is worth noting that some may imagine that the intelligence of the devices may push some professions to retirement, that this talk may bear some point of view, but it also contradicts the reality and the expected. The witness to my words is that if we take, for example, the watch industry, that on the one hand it harmed the people who used to work as alarm clocks to wake people up, but on the other hand it resulted in the emergence of manufacturers, programmers and maintenance.

2. Various uses, fields and applications

3. On behalf of the person in hard and dangerous work

4. The machine learning feature that makes devices evolve with the passage of time

5. Dealing with a huge amount of pantry and the ability to analyze and process it

6. Forecasting risks and disasters

7. Improve user experience

The importance of artificial intelligence in the health sector

As a result of the mounting pressures on the medical sector, and the increasing number of patients visiting hospitals and clinics at an accelerated rate, it was therefore necessary to involve artificial intelligence in the medical field. It is worth noting that artificial intelligence was developed based on the human brain and the neural network that includes 100 billion neurons, and thus this is what revolutionized the health care system. Some of the most important examples of the role of AI in the medical field are:

  • Early detection of diseases

This is done by providing artificial intelligence with large amounts of data (radiographs of previous patients). And then, with the mediation of the machine learning feature, it was able to analyze the images and track the infection sites. The efficiency of these devices has been compared to the competence of specialists, and the results were close. Therefore, the diagnosis of these devices is accurate and the error rate is weak.

  • Predicting cases that need to be transferred to the intensive care unit 

The process of transferring patients and transferring them to the intensive care unit requires a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition. And the balance between the need for transportation or not. The fact that transferring a patient to the care room may harm him if he does not need it, on the other hand, increasing the burden and pressure on the hospital in the event that patients come in, which is harmful to this care. Therefore, the ability of artificial intelligence was used in this field. Where the AI ​​system evaluates the patient's condition by looking at his health file, analyzes, and x-rays, and monitors and tracks his condition. And in case of necessity, he is instructed to transfer him to the care unit.

  • Prediction of Parkinson's disease

 And this is done through an application on the phone, which works to sense the walking pattern. Which differs between a normal person and a person who is likely to develop Parkinson's disease in the future.

  • Laboratory analyzes and medical examinations 

Some routine laboratory tests may be costly and useless, so artificial intelligence works to assess the patient's condition and reduce the number of examinations and analyzes that need to be conducted.

  • Instant assessment of physiological and health status 

 This is done through an application on the smart wristwatch. Which works to measure the pulse, pressure, and oxygenation, and to see the physical condition in general. And provide the health care manager with this information, thus ensuring the safety and security of patients.

The importance of artificial intelligence in the field of education

It is expected that reliance on artificial intelligence will increase in the field of education in the coming days. Some statistical studies indicate that more than 47% of education tools will be equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities in the coming years. The witness and proof of this is what we witnessed during the Corona pandemic, which turned the scene upside down, as most, if not all, educational sectors in the world resorted to technology and distance learning. This scene has reinforced teachers' aspiration to technology as a synonym for them in this field. Today, more than 86% of teachers say that technology and AI should be adopted as an essential part of the educational system. The following are some examples of the importance of the involvement of artificial intelligence in the educational process:

  • Direction, customization and development

As it is with the help of AI applications that the child can be fathomed. Knowing his scientific inclinations and orientations, and building a personal approach for him that is appropriate and commensurate with his person, as well as sensing his weaknesses and working to restore them. It is also worth noting that these artificial intelligence systems and applications are able to adapt and grow in line with the development of the child's skills.

  • Integrate learning with play and entertainment 

Where designers and programmers work to develop educational curricula with an entertaining template in the form of applications and games on mobile devices and tablets, and thus motivate children to learn and take education out of its rigid template.

  • teaching

Since there is a good percentage of students who have to ask for help with their lessons and homework. Artificial intelligence systems are a good solution as they provide educational services and answer questions, but they do not absolutely replace the teacher, although they may fulfill the purpose and are a unique experience and an urgent need.

  • Answer questions

Chat bots and intelligence systems represent the fastest way to collect answers to questions and respond to all inquiries that students may encounter, within a few seconds, which saves time and effort on students and teachers. In addition to the fact that these systems are a data bank, which makes them able to answer

The importance of artificial intelligence in business

Artificial intelligence enhances the capacity and productivity of most businesses. It opens the door for companies to highlight their capabilities and highness, and thus contributes to raising their efficiency and work. And if we take, for example, the companies that work in the real estate field, by involving artificial intelligence systems in their work process, then they save effort on themselves and achieve double profits, as these systems work to estimate house prices on their own, based on the location, area and number of rooms. .

The importance of artificial intelligence in processing big data

Did you know that humans generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes, which is equivalent to 10 raised to the power of 18. Here, the greatness of artificial intelligence emerges in dealing with, analyzing, archiving, processing and storing this huge amount of data. And allow the user to access it at any time and anywhere. 

The importance of artificial intelligence in the industrial sector

The industrial revolution is often likened to the technology revolution, as both revolutions moved the world to another perspective. Can you imagine what resulted from the union of both revolutions? It is worth noting that artificial intelligence has invaded many industries, and dependence on it is increasing with its development. The most important examples of the importance of intelligence in the field of industry is the automotive industry, where the interaction of AI with the vehicle industry has produced self-driving cars. What was a mere fantasy in the past has become a reality today. As the intelligence systems in these cars work, through networking with a map, to read the roads and sense movement around the car, which ensures a safe and comfortable journey, and it is worth mentioning that these systems are still under development.

The importance of artificial intelligence in our daily lives

The applications of artificial intelligence we deal with periodically and routinely and they are widely spread around us. One of these examples is all social networking applications that rely behind the scenes on AI systems and software in their work. Therefore, Facebook can bring in posts that you may like, show you friends you may know, detect hacks, and recommend photos of your friends to share. The same goes for GOOGLE and GOOGLE MAPS. And all these applications play an important role in our lives and we cannot imagine life without them.

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