The Grendizer series returns after an absence of 40 years

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Who among us does not remember the science fiction series Grendizer, which was launched in 1975 and was a huge success in the Arab world? 
Today, 49 years after it stopped in the 74th episode, it returns to the children, but with a new look.

In the eighties of the last century, the famous Japanese series “Grendizer” achieved great success in the Arab world, and it stopped at the end of its 74th episode, but it will return, as part of a new project.

Manga Productions announced the project, in cooperation with the Japanese company, Dynamic Planning, which owns the rights to Grendizer, in order to complete the series soon under the name “Project G”.

According to the official website of the Manga company , it will provide an opportunity for the public and Arab and international talents to design a robotic vehicle inspired by the hostile spacecraft known as the “UFO” from the world of Grendizer, with the possibility of using it in the new project, through a global competition that it will launch soon.

The company added that the three winners of the competition will receive cash prizes.

Grendizer cartoon series

“Grendizer” is a cartoon television series produced by the famous Toei Animation studio in Japan. It was shown for the first time in the year 1975 and included 74 episodes.

The Grendizer cartoon gained wide popularity in  world, as it was classified as one of the most famous cartoon series dubbed . It was dubbed between 1978 and 1979, and began showing on Arab televisions in the early eighties of the last century.

The idea of ​​the Grendizer cartoon, whose introduction and ending theme was sung by the late Sammy Clarke, is based on the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The story of the series revolves around an evil alien leader who lives inside a spaceship and aims to control the planets of the universe. The evil leader called Vega the Great uses a group of robots to help him conquer the planets.

And one day, the great Vega decides to invade the peaceful planet Fled and succeeds in that, but Daisuke, Prince of Planet Fled, succeeds in escaping from the evil Vega by means of "Grendizer", a robot that was made and developed on Planet Fled, which is famous for scientific progress.

Daisuke pilots the Grendizer into outer space to escape evil Vega before crashing after days of traveling on planet Earth.

When the evil Vega plans to invade the Earth and is surprised when he arrives with Grendizer there, many heroes join Daisuke's side to support him in the war against the evil Vega, and the Prince of Planet Fleed and his companions are finally able to eliminate the evil Vega, then he and his sister leave the planet Earth to return to their home The original Planet Fleed.

ambition and capabilities

In turn, Issam Bukhari, CEO of the Manga Production Company, said, in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, “Grendizer is an important figure who has inspired generations for decades in various parts of the world, and the fact that the partners in Japan chose the Manga company of the Misk Foundation is not only an appreciation for us, but also an appreciation for the youth.” Saudis, their ambitions and capabilities.

For his part, Director of the Marketing, Distribution and Business Development Department at Manga Productions, Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Nagmoush, explained, “This partnership is evidence of confidence in Saudi youth and their capabilities in the field of distribution, marketing and global production. This cooperation will also culminate in the involvement of Saudi talents who have proven that they are able to enter and compete globally.”

The science fiction series “Grendizer” was launched on the fifth of October 1975 and lasted for 74 episodes. The series was shown in the early eighties on Arab television stations, and it met with great success in the Arab world, in terms of views, and dubbing is one of the most important reasons for the success of the version. Arabic.

The story of the series

The idea of ​​​​the Grendizer series revolved around the struggle between good and evil. Evil represents “Big Vega”, an evil space commander who lives in his spaceship in outer space, whose goal is to control all the planets of the universe. “Vega” uses robots and huge robots in his attack on other planets.

One day, "Big Vega" invades the peaceful planet Fled, but Duke Fled, the son of the king of the planet, manages to escape by stealing the grendizer that was developing on the scientifically advanced planet Fled.

He leads Grendizer into outer space until he falls, after tiring days, on the planet Earth, after which Dr. Amon, head of the Space Research Center in Japan, finds him and adopts Duke Fled without revealing his identity and calls him Daisuke.

When "Big Vega" begins to attack the planet Earth, he is surprised by the presence of Grendizer on Earth. Other heroes join Duke Fleed to support Grendizer. At the end of the series, Duke Fleed and his team are able to eliminate "Big Vega" and his fleet.

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