The best makeup tricks for a youthful look!

BEST MAKEUP HACKS Applying makeup to aging skin or those with fine lines and spots can be tricky.

In order to ensure that you always shine with a youthful look, we offer you many important makeup-related tricks.

The best makeup hacks

Don't neglect the primer

The first thing to do in your makeup routine is to start with a good primer. It hides any wrinkles or expression lines and leaves your face looking brighter.

We recommend choosing a lightweight formula that helps minimize the appearance of pores that become enlarged over time. 

Get rid of dark circles under the eyes with the best makeup tricks 

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are the archenemy that often add years to your real age.

You can put concealer under the eyes.

But be careful because applying too much concealer can have the opposite effect and expression lines will be more visible.

To properly apply the concealer, we recommend that you apply a very thin layer and spread it on in small strokes with your fingertips.

If you need more, you can always add a few more layers.  


Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone is essential to looking younger. Avoid choosing dark shades.

It is best if your foundation is the same tone as your skin tone or a little lighter to add highlights and create an airy effect.

On the other hand, avoid greasy and heavy foundations and opt for ones that contain sunscreen with a high quality. 


Avoid black markers and opt for a white marker instead.

Also add some shimmery highlighter in the hollows of the eyes for a much deeper look.

Don't forget to thicken your eyelashes with black mascara to make your eyes look bigger.

A tip for lower lashes is to apply mascara only from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. 

Bright colors and shades

If you want to have a younger look, avoid dark shades in your makeup, especially black or brown.

On the other hand, we advise you to try vibrant colors such as pink, apricot, or blue, so that the eyes will be more cheerful. 

Choose a matte texture rather than a glossy texture because it blends better into the skin and hides expression lines more easily. 


Eyebrows can help make your face look younger if you choose the right shape for your face.

Avoid thin and defined eyebrows and choose thick eyebrows for more vitality and freshness. 

Make sure to use an eyebrow pencil in the same shade as your natural hair color to correct the right size.  


With age, the cheekbones lose collagen, which leads to a slight sagging.

So, the trick to restore that youthfulness to your face is to apply the blush to the top of the cheekbones only while dragging it towards the temples. 


The trick to making your lips look youthful and full is to outline them with a liner in the same shade as the lipstick you are using.

 You can use all the colors you want, but if your eyes are very colored, it's best to choose nude shades. 

On the other hand, if you don't like to wear a lot of makeup, you can choose more intense colors that make your lips more attractive.

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