The best free hosting to create a complete website

 Best Free Web Hosting - When looking for the best web hosting for a new website, you will find that web hosting can get expensive if you are not careful. For those on a limited budget or no budget at all, the best free web hosting services can come in handy.

Are free hosting good?

If you're struggling on a budget, the best free hosting services might seem like a simple and viable option. However, it is important to note here that free hosting is not as good as it looks.

First, many free web hosts aren't really free; Many offer unusable web hosting, and also lack web hosting security and management tools that you'll need for a professionally hosted website.

In addition, free hosts usually offer very poor levels of customer service and support, which means that you will have to deal with problems on your own. It is worth noting that you will almost certainly run into issues with many free hosts.

What is the best free hosting?

There are very few options out there when it comes to choosing the best free web hosting. Most of the options are not worth considering, but there are a few providers that continue to provide reliable service across the board.

With generous server resources, a beginner-friendly control panel, and an excellent reputation, Byethost took the top spot on our list. Notable features include email support and Softaculous Auto Installer, and we're huge fans of the platform's comprehensive service.

Infinityfree is another great option, and it's been at the top of lists of the best free web hosting services for years. Consider 000webhost if you're looking for a reliable option backed by a leading premium host, while GoogieHost is a decent option with generous storage limits.

hosting company space bandwidth control Board One-click installer
Byethost 1 GB 50 GB VistaPanel Softaculous
InfinityFree Unlimited Unlimited VistaPanel Softaculous
000webhost 300 MB 3 GB cPanel WordPress auto-installer
GoogieHost 1 GB 100 GB cPanel Softaculous

The best free hosting available today

We will now discuss a full explanation of the best free hosting that you can start and try, but as we said earlier, you should not rely on any free hosting to create your own site.

1. Byethost

Byethost offers high-quality free web hosting based on a freemium model. That is, it encourages you to upgrade to a paid subscription after subscribing to a free plan. But the free plan is excellent. With 1GB of storage, 50GB of bandwidth, and absolutely no ads to speak of, there's a lot to like here.

What's more, all users will have access to the beginner-friendly VistaPanel, which is designed to make ongoing management easier than ever. Take advantage of the built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account and online file manager to upload and organize files.

Other noteworthy tools include the Softaculous one-click installer, which makes it incredibly easy to install programs like WordPress and Joomla. There is also a free website builder, and a selection of free domains are available if you really want to keep costs to a minimum.

On the downside, some login links are not properly secured, and support is limited to online tickets. But it's a free service so we can't complain.

2. InfinityFree

InfinityFree stands out as an excellent all-in-one free hosting option. It offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domain connections, though you'll have a daily limit of 50,000 visits. But if you're getting that many visitors, you should probably use a premium host anyway.

Aside from somewhat average performance, we found very few other obvious flaws. There will never be ads placed on your website, you will benefit from a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and you will have access to a host of other tools.

Additionally you can either import your own premium domain name or select a free subdomain from the InfinityFree library. You'll even have one-click access to the Softaculous installer, making initial setup easier than ever.

3. 000webhost

If you are looking for reliable free hosting that has been in the industry for years, you simply cannot overlook 000webhost . It is run and managed by Hostinger's powerful hosting, and offers a very impressive set of advanced tools and features.

For example you will have access to cPanel, a free integrated website builder, and a 99% uptime guarantee. However, email accounts are notably absent, there's no one-click installer, and you're limited to 300MB of storage and 3GB of bandwidth.

4. GoogieHost

Although far from our first choice, some people will like GoogieHost for its generous server resources and cPanel control panel. Take advantage of 1GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth, and harness the power of Softaculous 1-click installer.

There are also free subdomains available if you need one, along with access to a free website builder, free SSL certificate, and more. However, GoogieHost's poorly designed website certainly doesn't inspire confidence in its services, and its customer service options are very limited.

5. AwardSpace

AwardSpace offers a variety of hosting services. It is famous for its free plan which includes (one website - three subdomains - 1GB disk space - 5GB bandwidth - MySQL database - 24/7 live chat).

Awardspace also includes a one-click CMS installer and Zacky Website Builder. Also, live chat is available 24/7 for free plan users if you have questions.

Once launched, your website will be ad-free. Additionally you can place ads to monetize them. AwardSpace also provides you with the ability to monitor bandwidth usage which can help you budget your resources.

How to choose the best free web hosting for you

When trying to choose a free web hosting service, there are a few important things that you need to keep in the forefront of your mind. First, remember that free hosting will not be anywhere near as good as the premium options.

In general, you will have to deal with security holes, poor performance, and limited features. You may also face severe resource constraints, and you will likely be left to fix things on your own if anything goes wrong.

However there are a few decent options out there. For example 000webhost is managed by Hostinger which is a leading hosting company. Although it offers very limited storage and bandwidth, you can rest assured that it provides a secure and reliable service.

Platforms like InfinityFree and Byethost are also worth using, especially if you're looking for advanced features and generous server resources. GoogieHost is another option worth considering.

Free hosting cannot be relied upon to create an integrated site, as it is only suitable for experimentation or for creating a small experimental site only. In short, if you want to run a test website that you don't expect to get much from, and you don't want to invest any money in it at all, then free hosting may be just right for that!


Although the free hosting system may not be perfect, it can be a viable option in some scenarios. However, finding a quality provider that delivers on its promises is not an easy task.

In this article, we shared our opinions on the 5 best free web hosting hosting. You have nothing to lose by trying. Our top pick in the Best Free Hosting category is AwardSpace for its 24/7 live chat support and easy WordPress installation.

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