The best battle royale games on a browser


Since computer games require high specifications and require powerful hardware to run, browser games have become competitive with powerful computer games in terms of quality and fun, because most of them can be played directly from any browser on the computer or phone (such as Opera Mini or Google Chrome, etc.) via the Internet without any Download or install the game, it does not require you to pay, because it is free.

Browser games are electronic games that are played on a computer or mobile phone through the Internet via browsers. The advantage of browser games is that they do not require software to be downloaded to the user's client machine. Some of these games depend on extensions that are installed on the user's device, such as Flash and Java.

1. Bullet Force:

Browser games

Bullet Force is a great first-person multiplayer game with great 3D graphics. When you set up the round (you can select the maximum number of players, public or private, etc...) or join a room and start shooting. Buy weapons and accessories like deadly machine guns and RPGs! Not to mention the cool abilities that you can only use after you get kill points. Go ahead and show your skills and be the champion of Bolt Force.

2. 1v1 Battle:

1v1 Battle is a multiplayer and building third-person shooter game. It features 1v1 matches. Train your skills in PvP games, and become a professional player, the game is similar to Fortnite where you have to build and kill at the same time. This means that the game is excellent for those who cannot play Fortnite, as this game is a great alternative to it

3. SCAR:

SCAR is an epic multiplayer battle royale game very similar to PUBG. You can explore an open world where you collect your weapons and important items to survive against other players.
You can also drive various vehicles to make your way around the map faster. Be careful because enemies can be anywhere. 

4. is a competitive online third person shooter where you make your way around the map. And you can build platforms, ramps and walls to protect you. Available Game Modes: BR Duos (2v2 Battle Royale) / 1v1 (1v1) / Box 2v2

5. krunker:

Kronker (.io) is a fast-paced browser FPS. In this game, players land in a pixelated arena to fight against other players from all over the world. This game can be played randomly to pass the time or in serious competition against other pros

The Cranker game has a good quality 3D design with the character graphics system of the famous Roblox and Minecraft game that millions of users love, which attracts the attention of users to try it out. The game includes a distinguished set of sound and visual effects that increase your enthusiasm during the game, as it works in a group play mode through an online game system that depends on connecting the device to the Internet, and the game includes more than one game mode, each with a different goal and characters so that the player does not feel bored, The game contains many great firearms with a very easy and modular control system, which makes it easy to play.

6. Outlive: The West

Outlive: The West is an outstanding battle royale game with a cool cowboy atmosphere. You have to move around the wild west to find weapons as quickly as possible. Pick up everything you can find and try to find the best loot. Then you should try to fight against other cowboys in the arena and destroy them with guns.

7. Revenge:

Venge is a first person shooter game. Each match is an intense and unique experience as you earn ability cards throughout the game. Play now for free in your browser. Enter the battlefield for survival. Kill enemies, capture lands, and unlock cards with special abilities. You must be fast. Use your surroundings. The game features a variety of weapons. You can also explore abandoned buildings haunted by ghosts and wander through misty caves. The main game is divided into different lands, each with its own bosses and mechanics.

8. Forward Assault Remix:

Forward Assault is a great action game where only the strongest will survive! is a first-person shooter from the makers of Bullet Force. Enjoy good 3D graphics! And find all your favorite weapons in the gun store. Define your style Cooperate with your friends or people from all over the world Be the captain of your team Run, hide, and most importantly, prepare your weapons because enemies lurk around every corner. Earn money and unlock new weapons. You can also customize all your weapons and even your gloves.

In the end, I advise young people to try these games because they are among the best battle royale games on the browser, and I hope that everyone will leave their opinions about these games, thank you.

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