Source: Sony is reserving large quantities of 6nm processors for PlayStation 5

 Sony recently revealed PlayStation 5 sales , which have reached 30 million units so far, while promising to provide the device in sufficient quantities to cover the market during the coming period.

Sony sets a target of 33 million units that will be sold during the next fiscal year, which begins next April 1, and it seems that it is preparing for that by reserving large quantities of SoC processors that it uses in its latest models that it recently launched.

One of the sources confirmed that Sony was able to secure large quantities of 6nm processors through TSMC, a Taiwanese company specialized in the semiconductor industry.

Sony still has a target of selling 7.5 million units during the next three months, and before the start of the new fiscal year, so we expect that sufficient quantities will be available to show the device in the market during this period.

It is noteworthy that the rate of selling PlayStation 5 devices is increasing during the recent period compared to the launch period two years ago, and this can be seen through the sales of the device during the past months, up to the last 6 months of the fiscal year, as follows:

  1. 10 million units sold in 8 months
  2. 20 million units sold in 11 months
  3. 30 million units sold in 16 months

As you can see from the statistics above, the quantities have doubled over short periods, reaching 3 times during double the period only.

Also, there are sources talking about that Sony is preparing to unveil a new model of the PlayStation 5 that will be smaller in size and contain a detachable and plug-in disc reader, and it is expected that it will be released as an alternative model to the current model.

For its part, Sony revealed Project Leonardo for the PlayStation 5 . It is a new console dedicated to people with special needs, and according to Jim Ryan  , CEO of PlayStation, this unit will help players to control more smoothly and easily.

Project Leonardo can be used as a separate controller by itself or connected to additional controllers such as the Wireless DualSense. Up to two Project Leonardo controllers can be used with a DualSense Wireless Controller to work together as one Virtual Controller.

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