Signs that your Wi-Fi has been hacked

Wi-Fi hack is a common situation these days with the availability of applications that give the user the possibility to obtain your password without permission! As uncomfortable, frustrating, and harmful as this behavior may be to you, some signs can give you a first warning that someone has hack your Wi-Fi password, and what you can do about it.

7 warning signs of Wi-Fi hacked

1. Slow internet speed

The most common of these signs is unexplained slow internet speed. Of course, there are many reasons for slow browsing and downloading speeds, but if you are seeing regular slow speeds without heavy bandwidth or downloading, then you must be thinking that someone has stolen your password.

2. Unusual ads

One of the defining features of the Internet age, and perhaps the worst, is ads – specifically those that pop up annoyingly and repetitively as you browse.

If you are attentive enough, you may notice that unusual ads pop up frequently, which is a warning that your digital activity has been compromised.

If these ads start appearing out of nowhere, it is possible that a thief is sharing your Wi-Fi IP address, and his browsing history could be affecting the ads that pop up in your browser.

3. High consumption bill

If someone speeds up your Wi-Fi, it may have financial consequences as well. If you are a pay-as-you-go data user, you may see an unprecedented increase in costs. Of course, this would be justified if you were exposed to Internet theft due to your participation by another party in data consumption.

4. Unfamiliar hardware

If you start to suspect that your Wi-Fi network has been stolen from someone else, you should check the devices connected to the router by logging into it.

If there is any device that none of your family members have, you should search more about it to identify it, knowing that having a device with an unfamiliar name does not necessarily mean that it is an intruder!

5. Spam notifications

Another consequence will only happen if the WiFi thief is involved in illegal online activities. The thief may red flag your home IP address through various spam engines that major email services and network security providers rely on.

If this happens, you will face effects such as blocking emails you send from your home Wi-Fi network or filtering them in your spam folders because the thief has compromised the reputation of your IP address.

6. Problems with your personal devices or data

Of course, Wi-Fi works with more than one device nowadays. If you start having privacy issues with other smart devices connected to the network, you may want to make sure that your Wi-Fi is being stolen.

In the event that an intruder manages to steal your network, this gives him access in more than one way to your personal devices shared in the same network, access to your personal information, and possibly use it in his favor!

7. Legal consequences

In very serious cases, a WiFi thief may use your network for illegal activities, and guess who is the main culprit in all of these cases? it's you!

It will be your IP address that will be linked to the illegal activity and you will be charged with a crime, and that can lead to a long and expensive nightmare of trying to prove you weren't the culprit!

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