Secrets of Scooter Brothers GTA V

In the GTA 5 story mode, when the player switches to the character of Trevor, we may encounter a special scene at times in which Trevor is on a scooter known as Faggio alongside another person riding the same motorcycle, heading east on the Olympic Highway. Trevor will constantly repeat phrases such as “Scooter Brothers! ” (Scooter Brothers). This is a reference to a funny video that happened with Brad. Posted by AutumnTheCuzzy YouTube channel on May 7, 2008. Which shows Brad so happy to find another AI riding the same motorcycle that he starts shouting scooter brothers and other group phrases. The video has so far received nearly 7 million views. And certainly Rockstar has glimpsed this clip and decided to put it as one of the secrets Easter egg in the fifth part of Grand Theft Auto. In order to increase the likelihood of seeing this special scene, you may enter GTA Online. Then go back to the story mode with the character Trevor.

According to what the person who posted the video said on his channel. Brad has a channel on Twitch called fourplayerpodcast . And it's still active right now. Imagine his feeling after finding out there's a hint of himself inside GTA V Scooter Brothers. In the end, we may see this kind of secret in the upcoming sixth part, perhaps one of the funny and famous scenes in the fifth part

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