Secrets of The murder mystery GTA V

 Away from the story of the game, the player can wander around the vast map, as he may encounter some strange things that prompt him to investigate their matter. This is what you will discover with The murder mystery. Which is related to the film industry. In the beginning, the player (Michael) has to find four different hidden messages carved on the walls of buildings scattered in Los Santos. 

After reaching the fourth location message, you will be given specific instructions to "Trace the sunken body off the West Coast". "Find a curse letter on a friend's desk". After you find the body in the depths of the sea, go to Solomon Richards' office, which is open only after completing Meltdown. and at certain times of the day between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. On the desktop you will find a long message “Read it”. After that, go to the abandoned mine and approach the corpse, and you will get a filter that gives the character of old black and white films to the entire game. Also, Isaac's number will be added to the contact list on the phone, and if you call him, the filter will be activated. All Michael Franklin Trevor characters will also have the filter in their phones when shooting.

The murder mystery

The killer's story:

Let's delve into the content of that letter and discover the story of that killer. The letter is addressed to David Richards, dated August 14, 1949, in which he confesses to killing Isaac and his secretary. In 1947, Isaac produced a cartoon for Quincy called Bip The Dog but didn't do his best in it, which Quincy took as a betrayal. And as if that wasn't enough, Isaac struck a deal with Abe Schwartzman for a live-action film for the Brown Canyon studio. The thing Quincy couldn't bear the most was when Isaac decided to shoot the short using Fred's Pictures film stock. The two men got into a quarrel that ended in Isaac's death. Then he hid his body in a mine in Great Chaparral. The letter also states that the drowned corpse is Quincy's secretary, who was murdered by Quincy after she threatened to blackmail him after learning of the murder and this two years later, in 1949.

Note: This task is only available for old accounts for those who played on ps3 in addition to that xbox 360 so that it works on ps4 and xbox one

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