Secrets of Abandoned Mine GTA V

 In the vast world of GTA 5 there are hidden and mysterious areas. Few players have gone to it and discovered it. Although some of those places have nothing to do with the story, the developers put them there nonetheless, and we may find strange things in some of them that are difficult to explain. Abandoned Mine GTA 5

In Great Chaparral is an abandoned mine that may have been used for coal mining in the past. The entrance is blocked by a wooden gate and the player can easily blow it up. It's dark inside and you'll need a flashlight to see. In the old versions of the game, there is a black and empty part behind the gate and it is impossible to enter. The mine was modified and everyone was able to visit it where they discovered many different drilling tools with old wooden barrels. Some players were surprised to find the semi-decomposed body of a man in a classic suit from the 40s with an old film reel next to him. It is later revealed that the body is that of an animation producer named Isaac, who was killed by Fred Quincy due to a quarrel between him and his business partner. And this crime has a distinct story within the game. After moving away from the corpse, it is possible to hear footsteps from the depths of the mine, and this fully confirms that it is haunted.

Other players believe this man is Officer Cole Phelps who drowned in the mine at the end of the LA Noire story

Abandoned Mine GTA 5

Note: This task is only available for old accounts for those who played on ps3 in addition to that xbox 360 so that it works on ps4 and xbox one

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