Riot Games unveils a new Lotus map for Valorant

 Riot Games has published a promotional offer for the upcoming new map for Valorant. The map is called Lotus and is designed on the Indian civilization. It is coming to the game in conjunction with update No. 6.00 on January 10, with which the first chapter of the sixth season of Valorant will begin.

The Lotus map is the ninth map that has been added to the Valorant game since its launch in 2020, and the map comes with three areas to fight inside, similar to the Haven map, and Riot Games published a cinematic trailer to promote the map, but the display did not show much information about the map and focused on the cinematic aspect Just.

Also, Riot Games revealed a large package of improvements and modifications that the game will receive in conjunction with the launch of Update No. 6.00, in addition to maintaining some problems and gliches in the game.

The feedback was very positive about the map, especially since the game is constantly updated, maintained, and more content is added to it, which made it one of the most popular free shooting games within just two years of its launch. It is worth noting that Valorant is a free game and you can download it from here .

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