Ranking of universities globally, according to the QS ranking of the best universities in the world 2023

 Studying abroad is one of the decisions that needs a lot of information, in order to reach the appropriate study destinations and study in the best universities in the world. So here is the world ranking of universities according to the QS rankings for the year 2023.

With the increasing competition between universities, international rankings appeared to measure the scientific and practical excellence of universities worldwide. One of the most famous international rankings is the QS World University Rankings, which showed its rankings of the best universities for the year 2023.

 This year's QS University Rankings has compared and researched nearly 1,400 universities worldwide. One of the remarkable things this year is the strong performance of universities in Asia and European countries.

In order to save you time and effort, we have prepared for you this guide to the best universities with a brief analysis of the results of the QS University Rankings for this year. 

 How are the best universities in the world ranked according to the QS ranking? 

Universities are evaluated according to six basic criteria, called indicators, where each indicator measures the performance of universities in each of the categories, to give a comprehensive classification based on specific important criteria, and the most important classification criteria :

Academic reputation: This indicator relates to the quality of teaching and research at the university. It constitutes 40% of the total rating points.

  • Faculty-student ratio: This criterion is used to assess the number of available faculty and academics in relation to the number of students. A lower student vs. faculty and staff ratio usually means more personal attention, support, and interaction.

  • Percentage of international students: It measures the diversity of the university in receiving international students from all countries of the world. This reflects the university's ability to attract student talent and that it has a global outlook that attracts international students from all over the world.

  • International Staff Ratio: This is the number of staff from diverse international backgrounds. This is an indicator of academic quality, research collaboration and diversity of viewpoints.

  • Reputation with Employers: This indicator measures the university's rating by potential employers. A high score reflects employers' affirmation of the quality of knowledge and skills that students graduate from this university.

  • Published research per university: This criterion measures how well the university is performing in terms of research and innovation. It is an indicator of the academic quality of the university, which appears in its scientific and research production.

What are the results of the QS World University Rankings 2023?

What are the world's top 10 universities in the QS ranking 2023?

MIT ranked first in 2023. It achieved a perfect score of 100%. This year is the eleventh year in a row that the institute has issued the first place, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in the United States.

Cambridge University also jumped one point to win the silver medal, while Stanford University fell to third place and Oxford University fell two places to fourth place. Harvard University rounds out the top five and is a world-famous Ivy League university in the United States.

As seen, universities in the USA and the UK dominate the top ten in the rankings, with five and four universities respectively. With the exception of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, which is the best university in Switzerland, it is the only university to be ranked among the top ten universities outside the United States or the United Kingdom.

The top ten for 2023 are: 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).

  • University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) University of Cambridge

  • Stanford University (USA) Stanford University

  • University of Oxford (United Kingdom).

  • Harvard University (USA) Harvard University

  • California Institute of Technology (USA).

  • Imperial College London (UK) Imperial College London

  • University College London (UK).

  • Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland) ETH Zurich

  • University of Chicago (USA) University of Chicago

What are the top 25 universities in the world in the QS Ranking 2023? 

One of the most important developments in this year's QS World University Rankings is the good performance of universities in Asia, particularly in China and Singapore. For the first time, two universities from China have been ranked among the top 15 universities in the world, Peking University (12th) and Tsinghua University (14th).

Moreover, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has firmly maintained its 11th position, the same as its rank in the 2022 rankings, and Nanyang Technological University is ranked 19th.

The universities that ranked from 11 to 25 in the 2023 ranking are:


National University of Singapore (Singapore)


Peking University (China)


University of Pennsylvania (United States)


Tsinghua University (China)


University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


Lausanne Federal School EPFL (Switzerland)


Princeton University (USA)


Yale University (USA)


Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)


Cornell University (USA)


University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


Columbia University (USA)


University of Tokyo (Japan)


John Hopkins University (United States of America)


University of Michigan Ann-Arbor (USA)

What about the top 50 universities in the world in the QS Ranking 2023? 

The ranking of the top 25 universities expanded to include many universities from other study destinations, including Australia and Canada , as well as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, which demonstrates the strong performance of universities in these destinations. Where the United States of America is proud of the presence of 13 universities among the best 50 universities, while the United Kingdom competes with eight universities, Australia participates with five universities, and Canada with three universities.

The top 3 universities in Australia are:

1- The Australian National University (ranked 30) The Australian National University

2- The University of Melbourne (ranked 33) The University of Melbourne

3- The University of Sydney (ranked 41) The University of Sydney

Top 3 universities in Canada:

1- McGill University (31st)
2- University of Toronto (ranked 34)
3- University of British Columbia (ranked 47) University of British Columbia

Another notable change in the QS University Rankings 2023 is the superiority of Australian universities in the research category, with more than 70% of universities reporting clear improvement in their research. UK universities also stand out for their international focus and research collaboration, with an overall average of over 30% compared to other study destinations.

Finally, remember that ranking universities globally by world rankings is a great way to compare, research and shortlist potential universities that are right for you. It can give you clear information and reflect the strength of universities according to accurate criteria, which helps you decide to study your favorite major in the best universities. You can also use our free tournament matching tool to help you.

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