PUBG MOBILE presents the Martial Arts Festival with “Bruce Lee” and develops METRO ROYALE

 Today, PUBG MOBILE released version 2.4 update which introduces the first martial arts festivals in the game Martial Showdown! In the presence of the famous martial arts champion “Bruce Lee”. Players looking for a challenge to be a black belt can participate in a range of martial arts-related activities and unlock special items that are unique and special for the celebration.

Besides, Metro Royale mode brings a new map called Misty Port with new weapons and vehicles in the battlefield. This is with the fourth round of Season X and the “Royal Pass” for the month of the nineteenth, which brings a host of new cosmetic items to unlock and enjoy.

In the 2.4 update, PUBG Mobile kicked off the knockout with the launch of Martial Showdown, a festival that celebrates martial arts and brings never-before-seen items, events, and places to explore across the Erangel and Livik maps. Players can use the Dancing Lion vehicle stored in their backpack, to move with their friends quickly across the battlefield, with the ability to jump and lunge.

This vehicle will only be available in the Martial Arts arenas that dot the maps - half open, half closed until the end of the countdown. New items include the Grappling Hook, which will help you get out of sticky situations, and the Bow, which is ideal for stealth play and allows you to deal damage in large areas with both explosive and normal arrows.

Players can also embark on fierce revenge missions with the new Back For Honor feature. After being called back to the battlefield by one of your teammates, players can hunt down the enemy that eliminated them within a set time frame. Prizes are distributed either to the avenger if he succeeds in his attempt, or to the target if he manages to escape and avoid the elimination attempt.

Kites and lanterns are scattered around urban areas and over martial arts arenas, which drop special chests when destroyed. Also, you will recover some health and energy when using the Kung Fu Steamed Bun.

As announced earlier this week, global icon Bruce Lee will be bringing PUBG Mobile with the 2.4 update in partnership with The Bruce Lee Family Company. Starting January 10th, the Bruce Lee Kung Fu Soul, Melee Expert, and Mr. Kung Fu within the game to give players different appearances of the famous martial arts master. A number of cosmetic skins for vehicles, parachutes and much more are also available, along with special Bruce Lee moves.

Last but not least, players can participate in the Dreamrealm Apprentice event from January 10th to January 26th, to earn exclusive rewards by following Bruce Lee through a series of trials and challenges.

The update of version 2.4 of PUBG Mobile brings major updates to firearms and vehicles. Starting today, the AAC Honey Badger will be available on Erangel, Sanhok and Livik with 7.62mm rounds and a high rate of fire, perfect for close quarters combat! Furthermore, the FAMAS weapon will be available in Erangel while the QBZ, SMG and Motorcycle Rid mechanics will be improved.

Finally, two-seater vehicles will be available for touring with friends in Bicycle Sheds, which are now available in Miramar and Livik, near Erangel. Mountain Bikes will be accessible in the Livik Desert.

New improvements include an updated Metro Royale mode starting January 9th, with the new Misty Port map bringing more equipment, modes of transportation, non-playable enemies (NPCs) and bosses to deliver a superior PvE experience. Players can now access Draw Packs via the black market in Metro Royale to get the Premium Firearms Pack and Premium Armor Pack, which can be purchased with Metro Cash.

Enhancements and upgrades include Fabled gear with special attributes, four new items that are exclusive to the new map, enhanced blast-resistant armor, and an increase in inventory capacity.

The 2.4 update will accompany the fourth round of Season X on January 17th! Players will be waiting for Legendary items along with a new gameplay tracking system, to give players more information about their playing history, including showing their progress during the season, for example. Changes will include Conqueror's level rating now with 100 points and stars, as well as four new titles this season: Phenom, Almighty, Medic, and Summit.

Also on January 17th, the 19th month Royale Pass named “Boiling Blood” will be available, which will offer new rewards, updated RP Favorites Crates, and access to your favorite rewards from previous seasons. Server Golden Chicken, Bonus RP Points, and Group Purchase items will also continue to be available, as well as a large number of RP Missions that can be completed in Metro Royale.

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