New promotional video and showtime for the anime A Galaxy Next Door

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Asahi Production has released another promotional trailer for the anime A Galaxy Next Door or Otonari ni Ginga , which features some scenes of the dual protagonists and supporting characters with Chinatsu Matsumoto's opening theme song in the background. The trailer also coincides with three new actors joining the TV anime, which is set to premiere on April 8. Crunchyroll previously revealed its plans to simulcast the series as it airs to international audiences.

The series' official website also revealed a new keynote image previewing the first season. Additional cast members include Rei Takahashi as Chihiro Ibusuke, Tomokazu Seguta as Masahiro Morikone, and Yoko Hikasa as Momoka Morikone. One of the protagonists of the Galaxy Next Door TV series. Starring Taku Yashiro as Ichiro Koga, Yu Waki as Shiori Goshiki, Rino Endo as Machi Koga, and Mariya Naganawa as Fumio Koga. Taku Yashiro previously appeared in the Chainsaw Man TV anime as Hirokazu Arai, and Yu Waki is best known for her role as Sumire Hikami in the Aikatsu TV anime and movie.

Ryuichi Kimura, who previously worked on the Aikatsu series, is handling directing duties at Asashi Production, with Jigemon Ichikawa writing the script. He took on occasional roles for the Duel Masters series and worked on Kedama no Gonjiro as a composer for the series. Yasuoka Otoki is also responsible for character design. The series is being animated by Asahi Production, which was previously involved in the Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 TV Project.

The anime, A Galaxy Next Door, is based on Gido Amagakure's Otonari ni Ginga manga that was first released in Kodansha's Good! Afternoon is back in April 2020. Kodansha USA is currently publishing the manga in English. As for the plot, it tells the emotional story of Ichiro Koga, who has struggled to provide for his two middle schooling brothers since their father's death.

Ichiro has a passion for drawing manga, but he has to keep wrestling with pen and paper until a new assistant enters his life. Galaxy Next Door also announces that Kouga and his new assistant, Shiori Joshiki, are about to get married.

The romantic comedy manga by author Gedo Amagakure is the inspiration for a live-action series produced by NHK, which will premiere on April 3. Hayato Sano will play the main character, Ichiro Koga, while Yoshihito Okashita will direct the series. The movie adaptation of the manga, A Galaxy Next Door, will premiere on April 8.

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