Maximize seasonal earnings with the AdSense checklist during the holiday season

With the festive season just around the corner, you need to make sure your website and AdSense  account are ready to make the most of all of your earning opportunities

We invite you to get started with this three-step checklist:

The first step: explore the statistics

By looking at data and patterns for previous years' holiday seasons, you'll be able to properly prepare for this year's season.

•  View your data through the "Reports" section of your AdSense account:

○  See what type of device you've earned the most. You can get this information by accessing the Platforms report in your account.

○  See which ad formats have worked best for your business. You can get this information by accessing the Ad Formats report.

•  Understand your audience's behavior using Google Analytics, and see stats on your website traffic during previous holiday seasons:

○  Landing pages: This Google Analytics report shows you which sections of your website are getting the most traffic, as well as which users are most engaged for the longest period of time (Google Analytics Path: Reports/Behaviour/Site Content/Landing Pages).

○  Geolocation: This report shows visits from all geographies where users show interest in your website (Google Analytics Path: Reports/Audience/Geo/Location).

○  Search Terms: This report shows you the actual queries that people searched for, along with the numbers of searches unique to each query.

Step two: prepare your ad inventory

Maximize demands from advertisers by taking advantage of all ad formats and providing all viewable ad placements

•  Add more ad units: Be sure to add more ads to allow more advertisers to compete for ad placements on your website during the holiday season. Always be careful to comply with the AdSense policies.

•  Try new formats with Auto ads: With seasonal demand increasing, make sure all ad formats and placements are available. You should enable all Auto ad formats, especially full screen ads as they are the best performing AdSense ad format. We also recommend that you check if you have enabled the Wide screen control for static ads and full screen ads in your Auto ads settings. Enable auto ads

•  Automated optimization of ad format settings: You can let the Google team perform optimization experiments for you using the auto-optimize feature. This feature allows you to test different combinations of ad settings and automatically apply optimizations to help you increase revenue. And with higher traffic during the holiday seasons, you can run your experiments faster and increase your earnings in less time. Turn on auto-optimize

•  Experiment with Experimental Features: AdSense Experimental Features are experimental features that are not yet ready to be rolled out to all publishers. All you have to do is turn these features off or on whenever you want. Experimental features include a wide range of features, from the most advanced to experimental features. You only see Labs if we've determined that they're applicable to your site. If you are interested in trying out an Experimental Features, we recommend that you check the Experimental Features page in your account regularly.

•  Sign up for the new H5 Game Ads beta, if you offer games on your website: This beta is a new AdSense product that helps you increase your earnings by displaying ads in HTML5 games. It allows you to integrate the Google Ad Placement API into H5 games, and then display ads at the most convenient time for users. Sign up for the trial version

The third step: promoting competition

We recommend that you allow more advertisers to compete for your ad units.
•  Unblock all possible categories: Please visit the Ad review center to view your ads and review your blocking controls.

•  Enable all possible ad sizes: You can try responsive ad units and let Google automatically optimize the size of your ad units on mobile devices using ad size optimization.

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