Leaked details of the GTA 6 game presentation by a reliable leaker.. Lucia is in prison!


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The news of the game that many players around the world are looking forward to, GTA 6 , has witnessed a significant decrease in rumors and news revolving around it, on the other hand, Rockstar has remained very quiet since the huge leaks that the game was exposed to.

News of the game returned to us from the many rumors that it had obtained earlier, but this time the details of the review that Rockstar intends to launch during this year were leaked, and its details seem very convincing.

The well-known Brazilian YouTuber and leaker, who has become highly reliable, SanInPlay , has shared more information about this with us, who confirmed in his latest YouTube video, as well as a group of his recent tweets, that the long-awaited announcement of GTA 6 will be coming soon this year. . Confirming at the same time that one of the game's heroes, the character "Lucia", will be present in the official announcement.

YouTuber SanInPlay, who has more than a million subscribers and followers on his channel, confirmed that his sources confirm that the official GTA 6 game review that will appear will contain some scenes such as “dogs playing on the beach, and a lizard crossing the street. The most interesting thing here is that the heroine character “Lucia” will appear while she is in prison doing aerobics.

During the parade, it appears that the heroine is also thinking about how to escape. As the main protagonist, this makes sense, as she will be free to take on different missions.

Lucia the “Latin” will be one of the two playable heroes in the game, who were influenced by the story of the two heroes Bonnie and Clyde in the bank robbery, which was confirmed by informed sources to Bloomberg magazine earlier.

In any case, there are still no official details from Rockstar about the date of the official announcement and review of the game, but there is a glimmer of hope to learn more. Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, will be hosting its third quarter earnings call on February 6, 2023. So there's a good chance we'll get some official information about GTA 6.

But the most important question here remains .. Can we really trust this leak? Well..before the major breach of Rockstar and the leaking of GTA 6 details and videos, SanInPlay leaked the name “Lucia” and also confirmed that it is Latin, and what appeared in the leaks after that proved the accuracy of the information he could access.

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