In a strange incident.. the police protect a GTA Online player from NPC attacks

It seems that the world of GTA Online still holds many surprises that players are exploring to this day. The last of which is what happened with this player, who shared with us a strange moment that occurred with him in the game while completing one of the missions.

The player TacticoolDelta was in one of the missions within the game where he parked his luxury sport utility vehicle to head to the starting point of the mission, but his character accidentally slipped and collided with one of the NPCs next to the mission location.

Of course, coming into contact with any NPCs in GTA Online means that you have to be prepared to receive a number of punches in the face. And this is what really happened, as this character started hitting the player who tried to avoid contact with her, and unfortunately for this NPC, there were two policemen passing by and they started shooting at her without mercy.

Of course, this scene stunned the player, who stood in his place, watching the execution in cold blood, but the surprise was that only the NPC was shot, as it was the one who attacked the player.

This indicates that there is an improvement in the level of artificial intelligence in the game GTA Online that has been applied throughout the last period until the latest game updates. Despite this, this behavior remains devoid of realism, since the police shoot and execute one of the characters due to a simple fist fight, but it remains a video game, nothing more.

Either way, Rockstar is gearing up to release the game's big winter update, details of which were revealed last night., in which we collected all the details of the new update, which is supposed to be launched next week.

The next update will not only bring new missions and challenges, but will also improve the gaming experience by applying some new modifications to the system.

There are high expectations that this new update to GTA Online will be the last before the next part of the series is revealed, which Rockstar has admitted is already under development.

Do you have strange situations encountered in the game before? share it with us..

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