How will both ends of The Last of Us in the HBO series unfold in one season?

 A few days separate us from the date of the start of  The Last of Us series on the HBO platform, and in the meantime, the producers continue to share with us more details about the series and how it relates to the game in its two parts.

But there's a good question posed to show executive producer Craig Mazin during an exclusive interview with ComicBook about how to include two different endings in one season of the series. We know that the series will cover the first and second parts of the game, while addressing some of the events that took place before the start of the first part. But how were the events of the two games divided into only one season?

Mazen's response was as follows:

You are looking for a natural ending. One of the interesting things about creating a TV series other than writing a story for a video game is that video game players decide where they stop every time. Sometimes, after a long time playing, it's 1 in the morning, but you stop. Sometimes you only play half an hour and then stop. But in soap operas, we decide where the viewer stops each time. We make beginnings and endings, so we always look for endings as natural.

Mazen also talked about the challenges they faced by embodying parts of the game within one season of the series, which takes many considerations into account, including the budget of the series and the pace of events.

There is a certain capacity for the TV season. I mean, that's a massive job. This season took a year of shooting, 200 days of shooting, I mean, HBO was amazing. They've given us a lot of money and we've got these amazing actors, so, whatever your appetite, we should be able to find that natural ending. We've discussed all of this, and how we're going to do it so that we finally have a good answer, but I'm not going to tell you right now!

There were rumors that a third part of The Last of Us game was under development, and although series director Neil Druckmann denied this, he did not deny that he had a story and scenario ready if Sony gave him the green light. We have a feeling Druckmann might be using the series to hint at the third season, so we'll have to keep our eyes open during the trouble.

The series, The Last of Us, will start broadcasting on the HBO platform on Sunday, January 15th, as the first episode will be approximately 85 minutes long.

Are you eager to watch the series?

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