How to make a backlink for your site | What is the natural backlink?

 How does a backlink work for your site and how does it affect the site's SEO? Does it result in good results for your site in terms of raising its rating rate and increasing the number of visitors to it?

In fact, building natural external links for your site or how a backlink works for your site is one of the important things that every website owner should try to find, as this is considered as votes of confidence for your site from other sites, and this is very important in raising your site’s ranking with search engines.

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1- How to make a backlink for your site?

Building natural links for your site or how backlinks work for your site is exactly what the name suggests, that is, backlinks or backlinks that are created naturally without the website owner having to create them either by publishing guest articles or the so-called Guest Post, or forms Other link building practices .

In simple words, natural links arise when webmasters, bloggers or other website owners link to your content (blogs, images, products, videos, etc.)

Let's take an example of this, in one of my articles entitled Learning SEO sites and how to become a SEO specialist in 10 steps , in which I referred to the SEO site as a reference in case studies and testing about specific words for sites and explaining the results of the case study … see photo

Note how I referred to a naturally correct SEO site as an integral part of the article, and therefore here a correct SEO site obtained a natural backlink, as well as raising its rating because it obtained a vote of confidence from me, and so on.

2-Is building natural bonds important?

It is widely accepted in the SEO industry that having natural links is the best, safest, fastest, and among the most effective ways to promote a blog or website. With natural links, you can feel secure that your content is good and that your rankings and traffic won't be affected by a change. My Google account or your site is subject to penalties from Google .

3- Is it easy to get natural links from other sites?

First, you must be aware that your building of natural links is not about obtaining them for your site, for example, you write an article on a site and indicate your site in one of the links, this is not the solution, because in this way you will face a problem today or tomorrow by Google, as Google will discover sooner or later that Links are not natural and you will eventually lose your rankings and traffic. Even worse, they may also impose a penalty on your domain and this will make it more difficult for you.

Therefore, the only way to get rankings is to avoid bad practices but to follow pure white hat SEO techniques and natural link building is one such approach. But natural links are built, as I said, by webmasters when they refer to your site in one of the articles as a reference, then you get a strong natural link to your site.

4- What are the actual benefits of these links?

1- Traffic and visitors – All sites that link to your site definitely contain visitors to their sites, and therefore your chance is great to receive targeted visits from them.

2- Get to know the craftsmanship of the performance of these sites – it is always good to get a reference from some of the top blogs in your field, i.e. in the same specialty as you, and read how they manage the advertising and blogging traffic of their sites to benefit from that.
3- Get more natural links – When you link to big blogs, you are also important for small blogs to link to you and point to your site.

4- Courage and the ability to continue – when you see those natural links flowing and you get progress through them in the ranking of your site and an increase in the number of visitors, then you will get more courage to continue what you do.
5- More Social Shares – Posts that attracted natural links through influx of visitors and other website owners got the most attention in social networks as well.

6- A better ranking for your site – the incoming links affect the ranking of your site and raise its rank among other sites in the search results, while the pages that received these links enjoy good ratings, higher rankings, and appearing on the first page.

5-How do you get natural links?

This is clearly the most important question in this article. The benefits of natural links are great but how do you get them?
It's a three step process which I'm sure you've heard of before but let's go over it again:

1- Write/publish/create good content that is useful to the reader and easy to understand

If the content is not good no one will link to it normally. If you are still at the beginning and no one reads the content to you, then do not despair, because no one rose to glory between day and night, but you have to try to write articles over and over and publish them on social networks and try to make them better and better, and with the passage of time your site will spread and others will link to it.

Do not always look at your feet, but look to the future, and when your site becomes famous, believe me, you will find many sites referring to you in many of their articles, but on the condition that your content is valuable and of high quality.

 2- Social networking

Social networks may not have a direct effect on the classification of your site, but it has a direct impact on building natural links, because it publicizes your site, and therefore you will find site owners referring to your topics as a reference, and here you get a natural link to your site from those sites and a vote of confidence on it.

Without your presence on social media, it will be difficult for you to get many natural links because you depend on advertising through search engines, and this alone is not enough, and this alone is a major reason why you should maintain a good presence for your site on social media.

3- Continuing to publish topics

Continuing to write good content, promoting it on social media networks, and trying to build connections and relationships with other bloggers in your field is the right way to build a natural link.

Posting at a consistent rate of two or three articles per week increases your chances of this happening instead of doing it once a month.

6-Is linking through the guest post considered building a natural link?

I made it clear in the first article above, but I would like to clarify it again.
When you publish content on another website and somewhere, and through the content you include a link on a targeted keyword to your website, this is not considered natural link building, even if it is free, or even if it is in the bio of the author or even in the replies .

But this does not mean that the links within the guest post are all bad, but you cannot consider these as “ normal links ”.


When the founders of Google created the first algorithm for ranking their websites, natural links played a very important role. Twenty years later, natural links are still very important.

On a daily basis thousands of people try to manipulate the Google algorithm by creating backlinks that look like natural links, and Google is constantly reviewing their ranking algorithms to identify and discredit these fake links.
Other than that natural links are more important than ever for not only rankings but also for traffic, and recognition for quality content.

The best way to become an attraction in  how your site is backlinked  by other sites on your site is to create good content, and make connections through social media with people who have sites of the same content as your site.

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining how the backlink  of your site works through other sites.
With my sincere regards, if you have
any questions about this topic, leave it to me in the comments box to answer it

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