How To Get More Followers on tiktok

Get More Followers on Tiktok

Method Followers on Tiktok 1

How to pull accounts with followers 

1. Go on tiktok and search accounts like 'roblox.stories / name.writing' (accounts that could be made by little kids , like roblox and fortnite and popit and fidget toys or whatever)

2. Find one with the name on top spam characters (like hsispvs28w8) 

3.Go to log in , forgot password, choose email, and put those spam characters as the email

4.If it says email has been sent it means it is registered on tiktok 

5.Go to gmail and try to create an email with the exact same thing (the spam characters) 

6. If creating the email works, resend reset password code from tiktok and log in the account and change password 

!!P.S : This method works because back in the day when you would create a tiktok account (like 2-3 years ago) 

, when you would enter the email you wouldnt need an verification code to confirm the email is yours so you could create accounts on emails that didnt actually exist!!

Method Followers on Tiktok 2

High Followers Accounts Pull Method:

Search on TikTok for 18+ videos if you have found any go to the profile of the creator video.

The profile says [Follow, yt / ig, und a arrow that points downwards. If you now press the arrow serveral +18 profiles will appear looking for one who has no profile picture and the same spamletter as the username of the account. if you found one you can pull it with gmail, outlook etc.

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