How to choose the right engine for you Learn about the features and the speed of the Game engine

 Many people want to start developing games, but few know how to start right or proper. In the beginning, developing games is not a complicated matter. It just needs patience, time and effort to start your game development journey. Therefore, you will first need to choose the game engine that will work. Accordingly, there are a lot of engines available, including free and paid ones. Then quickly learn about important information about each engine so that you know which one is right for you.

GameMaker Studio 2

  • It is my own 2D engine. It uses C Plus and C Sharp, which are the two most popular languages ​​for developing games
  • It is somewhat difficult. Suitable for those who want to make 2D games and do not intend to go to 3D
  • Most of its excellent features are paid and it is not recommended for those who do not intend to pay the money
  • His commentary is average, not great
  • Many games were made on it, most notably Undertale and Hotline Miami
  • Its price of $39.9 per year is reasonable for such an engine.


  • It is the free version of Game Maker and a relatively new 2D game engine that uses JavaScript and C Plus Plus and is easier than Game Maker. It is recommended for those who want to make 2D games only
  • Its comunity is rather small
  • A developer with a few games, including Miku Puff Adventure
  • Completely free drive

Godot Game engine

  • Godot is a comprehensive drive for DVD and 3D as well
  • Relatively new, it uses C# and GD Script, a language based entirely on Python. It is considered easy and one of the best 2D engines. It is recommended for anyone who is new to developing games or programming in general and wants to try making 3D and 2D games on it.
  • The making of 3D games is a bit bad as it lacks a lot of things
  • Its community is large as it is the third largest community after my community Unril Engine and Unity
  • He developed some games like haiku on it
  • It is also an open source engine, which means that you are able to make any modifications to its source code
  • It is completely free drive

Unity Game Engine

  • Also, a comprehensive 2D and 3D engine, and it uses C-Sharp, and it is one of the favorite engines for beginners
  • It is considered easy in 3D and is preferred for beginners, and it is also very powerful. It is recommended for those who want to try 3D and Alto Duo
  • It is the largest engine in terms of community and the most used among people
  • Its to-die is complex, with the engine having many advantages. If you want to try the to-die, try it in Jodot, easier and better.
  • Many well-known games have been developed on it, such as Rust, Full Guys, and most Steam games are developed on it
  • The engine is free, but it takes percentages from your game if you make big profits

Unreal Engine

  • A powerful 3D engine requires a powerful computer owned by Epic Games and using C Plus Plus
  • Many 3D games were made on it. It is recommended for anyone who wants to master the 3D game industry
  • The engine is a little difficult, and its games only run on powerful computers. It is difficult to start with it
  • Its community is large and comes after Unity
  • Many popular games have been developed on it, including Fortnite and iFootball
  • It also takes percentages from your game if you succeed

Cry Engine

  • A great graphics and physics engine that uses the Wii language, which is an uncommon language
  • The engine is not suitable for beginners and to release your game you have to buy the full version
  • Its use is uncommon and its community is small
  • Developed by powerful games such as Far Cry 1 and Crysis
  • If you want to publish your game, you must purchase the full version of the engine, and its price is $1,500

Conclusion: It is not important which engine you choose or which language, but what matters is how long you master it and the idea of ​​your game

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