GTA 6 has the real chance to own the best world ever


Only "Neon" City Returns can collect players' money

So far with great pride, I can safely say that GTA V is the most vibrant open-world and interactive game, definitely considering that it has been out for more than 9 years. It is still the most realistic game in the series but with the advent of GTA 6 things may turn upside down. We expect the upcoming sequel to take place in Miami as per the latest leaks and because we are used to Rockstar taking inspiration from real cities in the USA.

Returning to the last part in the series, Rockstar portrayed the city of Los Angeles, California, one of the most popular regions in the United States of America, in the form of a fictional city called Los Santos. After all the fascination we had when we experienced GTA V the first time, all of these things got us excited about GTA 6 to see what the next game's map will look like.

We'll see the 'empty city' approach in GTA 6 again!

As I've spoken, the series has taken the path of making fictional cities based on existing countries, with Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City all seen in New York, San Francisco, and Miami, respectively. This is definitely the real reason for the realism of the game. Rockstar has expanded into some of those countries like Liberty City which got its best version ever in GTA 4 with its iconic hero Niko Bellic.

Inevitably, and there is no doubt about Rockstar's capabilities in this regard, the paradigm shift will occur in GTA 6 by depicting the most powerful version of Vice City in the history of the series, if not in the entire industry. This is due to the preference of all fans of the series for the game GTA Vice City, not only because of the story but the general atmosphere of the pompous purple city. The return of the city in the next installment before any upcoming content is a warm handshake from the company to the fans.

It's more than just Vice City

Rockstar will not be satisfied with one sip of this “wow” drink, but will drink it until shivering .. With rumors that the three cities are back in one game, this not only indicates the best depiction of “Miami” but I can even say that it is the best depiction of the United States of America . But with the focus of the game on Vice City with the VI logo rumored for a while, it will make a place in the hearts of all players.

Vice City is also distinguished by its beautiful landscapes, unlike the fictional city of Los Santos, the city is distinguished by its picturesque beaches and the events in it. Being able to access multiple areas in the upcoming game will make the experience even more interesting.

With all these predictions, these are still unofficial, all very valid but unofficial conclusions. All we know is that the game will be in Vice City and is already under development from all Rockstar studios, and their focus on GTA 6 will make the existing support for GTA V gradually decrease until we reach the moment of the official announcement of the next part.

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