Google AdSense Price Per Click (CPC) Increase

Google  AdSense is an advertising program launched by the largest search engine company in the world, which everyone knows is called Google.

Google AdSense allows publishers or advertisers to register and monetize their ads. These ads differ from text ads, image ads, and video ads.

Adsense rewards its publishers based on the number of clicks on the ad and the cost per click (CPC) of the ad. The cost per click (CPC) differs from the number of ads and varies from country to country, and we can say that the United States has the highest cost per click or cost per click (CPC).

Most of us - myself included - should find the average CPC to be pretty low. CPC may be $0.01 or $0.50. So sometimes I ask myself personally, why does a company like Google Adsense have a low CPC?

In this article, I am writing this article that will help you to improve your Google Adsense CPC, because I will explain the tricks to increase your Google Adsense CPC, so I recommend you to read this article carefully, slowly from Adsense to get the highest return.

How to increase Google AdSense CPC

Choose the best keywords

One or more keywords is a very important factor affecting CPC, because some keywords have higher CPC and some have lower CPC, and you can get them from Google Adwords. They are because we know that keywords are words conveniently typed by Google. If you are using high CPC keywords, please allow google adsense to place high CPC ads on your site in the hope of earning a lot of money.

Choose a niche for your blog

Specialized websites or blogs are blogs that discuss a specific topic without discussing different topics, and we can call it a mixed blog when discussing different topics. Niche sites are very important if you want to earn high income from Google AdSense, because CPC has a different value for each niche, so take care when choosing the right site.

If you want to increase your Adsense CPC to earn high income, then you can choose a niche related to the following topics as the CPC for this topic is very high:

  • Create a website to sell domain names and hosting services
  • Application technology
  • related to banking services
  • It deals with health and food
  • related to available jobs
  • Related to Microsoft Office
  • related to the car
  • Related home design
  • related to fashion design

Target quality traffic

The most important factor in how to increase Adsense CPC is the visitor, because if they click on the ad then we can earn money from AdSense. But to get them to click on the ad, you must target them by reading the articles on our blog because it will help them.

If you are using Google AdSense on your website and you think that Google will pay you money for ads, I think this is the wrong mindset because google is not giving you anything, you are only paying for clicks on ads. So you'll get targeted traffic.

If Google AdSense advertisers get good impressions, they will be happy and save high CPC. Therefore, it attracts visitors to your website in the most reliable way, such as writing the best SEO articles with interesting titles.

Take advantage of Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you will get reports on your website. So it is useful to know which pages of your website or blog get more clicks, which will allow you to find the right niche and write more articles related to that page that have high CPC. Therefore, I recommend linking your Google AdSense account Sign up with your Google Analytics account to get more information.

Choose the best ad placement

You can place Google AdSense ads in many places, such as at the top of the page, below the page title, in the middle, in the sidebar, or anywhere you like on the pages of your website. The best places to use it are below the article title and in the middle of the article.

AdSense Channels or Adsense Channel

AdSense channels allow you to create experiments if you have created a channel. This channel allows you to set the cost per click (CPC) and the CPC or Click Through Rate (CTR) of the ad group. Then, you can develop the best AdSense monetization strategy.

You can change ad position or remove blocking for lower CPC. If the site is really good, then be sure that Google AdSense will offer high CPC, as advertisers will pay for maximum exposure.

Different types of ads

There are different types of ads to choose from, but before choosing an ad, you should know that some visitors prefer text and image ads over text ads because they show ad content and attract visitors, and some visitors are happy with ads.

CPC depends on your website visitors. Moreover, the Algeria CPC price and the Egypt CPC price are different from the US CPC price, which are the highest among the CPC prices. I will provide a list of countries with high Google AdSense CPCs and I should target visitors from this country. If you have a high CPC country, please share in the comments to learn from each other.

  1. United States (United States)
  2. Canada
  3. German
  4. Australia
  5. Holland
  6. English (United Kingdom)
  7. Spanish
  8. Albanian
  9. French
  10. Turkey

Choose your site's domain name carefully

Domain names are one of the factors affecting Google AdSense CPC, so you should use domains related to your website content to get high CPC. However, compared to other factors such as content quality and site position, it will not have a significant impact on CPC.

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Use responsive themes for websites

If you want to increase your CPC, you should use responsive forms for smartphones and tablets, since a large number of visitors use smartphones. If your website template is responsive, you will get a lot of visitors, which will lead to a higher CPC and more revenue. You can check whether the form is responsive or not.

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