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Profit from Amazon Merch Amazon , Amazon is one of the largest and most popular marketing sites in the world, if not the absolute largest. The number of users of this site has multiplied rapidly and has witnessed a large spread, especially in the recent period, and today in this article and through the Masary website, we will present a detailed explanation of one of the most important services provided by Amazon to its users, which is the merch amazon service, in addition to an explanation Earn from Merch Amazon.

What is Amazon Merch?

Before starting to explain how to profit from amazon merch, we must get to know together what is amazon merch? It is a new service launched by amazon.com and made available to its users, including designers and creatives with attractive ideas. So that the role of the designer here is to draw any design for a specific T-shirt, and then publish it on the Amazon site so that the customer who likes this T-shirt comes and buys it. The great importance of merch amazon comes from being a real opportunity for designers to take advantage of their abilities and thus achieve abundant profits for them through this site. And without any kind of financial costs imposed on them. Where the site displays these designs to users. And the person who likes any design is immediately printed on the T-shirt and sent to the customer, in exchange for a sum of money specified by the site management, and there is a percentage of the profits for the designer.

Tutorial of profit from Merch Amazon

Amazon.com was launched by American businessman “Jeff Bezos” in 1994. This site has continued to grow and develop over 23 years. Bezos also became the richest man in the world, as his wealth amounted to nearly 100 billion in 2021. Jeff Bezos now holds the position of president on this site, in addition to that he is considered the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of amazon.com. In addition, Amazon is the first online marketing site in the world. It is the largest electronic retailer in terms of the number of users and purchases and sales that take place through it.

Its market value has reached about 800 billion US dollars, and it provides its users with these various services in buying and selling. So that they can benefit from it and achieve profits in a variety of ways and means. In the beginning, Amazon started working by selling mp3 files in addition to books and DVDs, and then, with the passage of time, it expanded in terms of products that could be sold through it. This includes some electronic and home appliances, in addition to some clothes, down to some simple and primitive food commodities. Recently, a new service that Amazon provides to its users has spread, which is the merch amazon service.

Conditions that must be adhered to in order to profit from Merch Amazon

We have talked about the most important ways to profit through Amazon Merch, which are mainly embodied through the modern and attractive designs of clothes in general, especially T-shirts. And routinely, Amazon has set some conditions that the designer must adhere to in order to benefit from this site and make profits. In addition, the site has identified some obligations towards the products offered on it.

We will mention a set of these terms and obligations through the following:

  • Amazon requires designers that the design offered for sale by Amazon must not be stolen or copied.
  • The designs should be within certain limits and sizes previously determined through this site. Where the size should be 18 * 15 inches.
  • When the designer publishes his own design on Amazon. He must specify some specifications for the design, such as: its price, the available sizes of this type, and what colors are offered from it. In addition, the designer must add a short expressive description that helps users to identify this design and the ease of purchase, in order to make a profit from Amazon Merch.
  • Terms of earning from Merch Amazon

    • Through the Amazon Merch service, the designer can fully control the buying and selling processes. Regarding the design that he created and displayed on the site. He can also, through Amazon Merch, specify the target age groups through this design.
    • Amazon.com is fully responsible for the marketing process for the specific product, and its delivery to various parts of the world through the Internet. The site also undertakes 100% of the shipping process and delivery of the product to the customer, without the designer's intervention in any way.
    • Thus, the responsibility of the designer depends on designing the desired product and uploading it to the site. Then Amazon takes over the process of drawing this design on T-shirts. After that, the sale process takes place to a specific user anywhere in the world, and it is shipped to the place of residence of this user.
    • This service (merch amazon) is not available in all countries of the world alike. Since amazon.com may not be supported in all countries of the world. Therefore, one of the most important conditions for profit through Amazon Merch is that the designer resides in a country that supports Amazon. Among these countries: Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Oman and others.
    • The designer should have his own phone number and attach this number in order to communicate with him.

Advantages of Merch Amazon service

There are a set of features and services provided by Amazon to designers who use the merch amazon service to market their design products through it. In addition to the people who benefit from the sale process on this site, we will mention some of these features and services as follows:

  • Amazon provides access to prime shopping. This is for all products of all types offered for sale through it, including those design available through Amazon Merch. Through this feature available on Amazon, consumers can receive the products they have purchased in less time.
  • Amazon takes care of all products that have not yet been sold, until the sale is completed. He also bears full responsibility for the process of printing designs on T-shirts before offering them for sale and shipping them to the consumer.
  • Amazon prints the designs on each T-shirt after the sale is confirmed. This is to ensure that there is no surplus of products without selling and thus costing more financial losses. And during the printing of the designs, the best international printing methods were used.
  • Amazon provides the designer with complete freedom to control the purchasing process for his design. It also allows consumers to compare prices and products that are offered, and to choose what is appropriate for him. For this reason, designers must set competitive prices in order to attract users to their designs, and profit from Amazon Merch.
  • Amazon.com is the largest online selling site in the world. This indicates that your design will reach as many consumers as you can expect in all countries of the world.
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