Deleted characters and gangs from the game Manhunt

 ManHunt is one of the previous Rockstar Games games released in 2003, which features violent and bloody scenes of killing and torture. Because it derives its events from the banned Alsnaf films.

During the development process the game goes through several stages. In this process, ideas and mechanics are canceled for several reasons. The Man Hunt game did not escape this fate. Many of the content has been deleted. In this article I tried to mention all the deleted characters and gang from Man Hunt

1- Binbag

Binbag is one of the characters deleted from Man Hunt. He and the gang he leads were removed late in the development process. Despite this, the developers left information about it, including the following:

Through this picture, we notice that he is a large-bodied man and wears black garbage bags to cover his naked body. Also, in the uncolored drawing on the left, we notice that he is wearing bandages to wrap his body, while in the drawing in the middle he wraps himself with barbed wire as a form of protection.

Pingbag covers his head with a large black bag, leaving only his mouth with his yellow teeth. He also carries a rusty and worn out knife in each hand, something we haven't seen before with other characters in the game. It appears that he is the only enemy who can carry two weapons at the same time.

Unlike the other deleted characters, Binbag is the only one who had his own 3D design, which means that he skipped the design stage and came very close to playing a major role in the story and world of the game . 
From the shadows of the junkyard he yells like a fucking lunatic.” He turns out to be a man as mad and savage as the pig Bugsy. He will not hesitate to kill brutally

2- The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow His real name is Kenneth Jesperson, a deleted character from Man Hunt.
He was the former leader of The Smileys before he caused the Bugsy disaster and ran afoul of Lionel Starkweather, losing his position as leader and becoming just a drunken bum on the streets of Kasser,

However, the tramp's personality suddenly changes whenever he puts on his mask to become very violent, wielding a homemade axe. During Halloween, the scarecrow puts a pumpkin on his head, which makes him look even more terrifying. Through the description, we discover that he is seeking revenge on Bughzi so that he can return to his position as the leader of The Smileys gang. He is also distinguished by his strange nature, in his ordinary vagabond form he is drunk and mumbles slurred words. But when he turns he starts laughing hysterically and loudly. He also whistles.
Many believe that he is the same tramp that Cash meets at one point where Lionel Starkweather asks you to drive him from one point to another. The tramp has all the characteristics of a scarecrow, as it is drunk and eccentric, muttering unclear words and whistling at times. Perhaps it was planned to be the scarecrow at a stage of development, then the work team canceled the idea and left it like this in the form of a tramp only.

3- The Lost

The Lost is a dangerous gang under the leadership of Binbag . Which met the same fate as its leader and was removed from the game.
The translation of their name is "Lost or Lost ", and it is implied that their headquarters is the junkyard where the player encounters them on their journey.
Unlike other characters, the gang is characterized by having metal armor covering their bodies. This makes the player's task difficult, for sure because of the heavy metal they wear, their movement will be very slow. And with every step, metallic sounds are issued revealing their location.

4- Clowns/clowns


A group of mentally ill men who call themselves Clowns wear blue suits and have sly, terrifying smiles on their faces, one of which is in the form of a monster with great understanding. And the other resembles one of the members of the duo “Hardy and Laurel   from 1927 to 1955, while the first is a copy of the make-up of a real killer called John Wayne Gacy , and as if that was not enough, the leader of the clown gang known as James W. Gacy is another allusion to the killer. 

During development, the clowns were intended to be the last gang to fight Cash during his journey. As the strongest and most dangerous of the The Smileys 
gang, through one of the pictures, we know that the gang uses the double gun as one of its primary weapons, and through the description, we know that while fighting the player, they utter hysterical screams and laughter, perhaps as monkeys do in one of the additional stages.

5- Camheds

Camheds / Camheds are a gang omitted from the Man Hunt in which each member of the group was supposed to wear a camera on their head, perhaps so that Lionel Starkweather could film distinct scenes of what was happening during the fight.
Unlike other characters, the members of the Camheds gang wear elegant black suits that give them a distinctive look. According to the picture, it is difficult to know if they are wearing helmets in the form of cameras, or their heads may be the same camera. This makes them a group of semi-automated mutants, and this matter conflicts with the realism of the game, and this may explain the reason for their removal from the game. Especially after knowing that the Man Hunt game takes place in the same world as the GTI series, which is characterized by realism

6 - The Jury

The Jury / The Jury gang was removed from the game during development for an unknown reason. Their masks and weapons seem to be similar to the Skinz gang, unfortunately there is not much information about them other than their name and appearance. Players believe that the gang's name, "Jury," may indicate that they are a group of corrupt policemen who participate in Lionel Starkweather's films, and this hypothesis is acceptable, since Carcer City is mired in corruption.

  • In the game files, there is a folder named jury_turf, which is related to Born Again's stage. This may be evidence that The Jury gang was planned to appear inside that stage before it was deleted.
  • A resident in GTA 5 wears a T-shirt with a picture of a character from The Jury gang

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