Delaying the appearance of automatic Adsense ads to speed up the blog on Blogger

 The code to delay the appearance of automatic ads for Adsense or the Lazy Load Adsense feature is currently the only option to solve the problem of low loading speed of the Blogger blog. This method allows you to raise the speed of your blog to more than 90 in the results of the Speed Page Insight site approved by Google.

The idea of this feature is to delay the appearance of ads until after scrolling or scrolling to the bottom, after which ads appear normally. This feature shows you a great speed on speed check sites, and it also contributes to reducing the consumption of user data, as it prevents downloading heavy scripts in order to preserve the user's mobile data.

This feature is used by placing JavaScript code inside your blog in Blogger, so that this code automatically delays all codes for ads on your blog, but you must follow certain conditions in order for the method to work for you. And in our Guest Web blog, we will provide you with all the steps in detail, God willing, with complete credibility in all explanations.

How to delay the appearance of automatic Adsense ads to speed up the Blogger

First of all, you download the auto ads delay code from here:


Then you go to your Adsense account, create a new ad unit, copy the codes for the Adsense ad unit, and delete the upper part, as shown in the following image:

After that, you copy the numbers shown in the image above and then replace them in the code that you downloaded in place of the zeros shown in the following image:

Then you copy the entire code after modifying it, go to appearance and then modify html . Then you go down to the last code above the Body tag, put in it the code that you downloaded for delaying automatic Adsense ads, and click Save.

Now you go to the ad unit that you modified, copy it, and place it anywhere you want to display your ad on the site through the format. Do not forget that you must remove the top of all ad units that you want to add to your site in order for this method to work with you.

If you do not understand the method from the written explanation, you can watch the video explanation, where we explained the method in detail on how to put the code and the method of modifying it, and we also mentioned all the conditions to ensure the success of this feature through the following video follower:

Pros of using the code to delay the appearance of ads

  1. Increase the speed of the blog to achieve Google's conditions for the search engine ranking.
  2.  Reducing the bounce rate or preventing the visitor from leaving the blog due to the heavy loading of the blog pages.
  3.  Make the blog attractive to search engines in terms of speed and compatible with the new SEO terms .
  4.  Putting a code to delay the appearance of automatic Adsense ads is the only solution to solve the problem of slowing down the blog due to ads.

The disadvantages of using the Lazy load ads code

The code also has positives on the blog, but it also has negatives that negatively affect it greatly, especially for those who have a small number of visits, because it may lose some visitors by not watching some ads. In many cases, when a visitor comes to download a specific program, he goes directly to the download link and downloads the program before the ads appear.

That is why it is not preferable to put it on your blog, especially if the visitors are from social networking sites. Here are some of the disadvantages of putting a code to delay the appearance of Adsense ads on your blog in Blogger:

  •  Sometimes the profits are double because the ads do not appear until after a period of time after the visitor enters, and he may leave without seeing any advertisement
  •  There is no official source documenting the legality of using delayed ads by Adsense, meaning that this may be in violation

Finally, I sincerely hope that the explanation has benefited you. To follow up on more explanations, follow our YouTube channel by typing the word guest web in the YouTube search field, and you will find many exclusive lessons on Blogger.

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