Create a website to download YouTube video all formats

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Create a website to download  YouTube video all formats (script):

Creating a site to download all YouTube video formats (scripts) for free is the beginning of achieving profits of $ 1000 per month. It is easy, especially with this script and the detailed explanation that you will find at the bottom of the article, with links to download scripts for free. 

What is the script to download all video formats to YouTube?

Creating a website to download all YouTube video formats (script) is the best way to profit from the Internet. And it's very easy and it works automatically, there is no software on your server to install. All you need is a personal computer connected to the Internet. Secondly, you can make use of the Google Video search engine, which provides one of the best video download and video download services. After that, you can download any video directly from your server using an HTML script. All format YT Download Video Download Blogger Script is best to make use of a script you can run on your server, which will automatically update your video, because YouTube always changes antivirus settings and sometimes completely uses other settings for your video.

How to create an automatic YouTube video download site on blogger?

You may finally create a site to download all YouTube video formats (scripts) on your blog if you want to earn some extra money or profit from the Internet without writing content. To get started by creating an account, it is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet, just follow the guiding steps in this article or in the video explanation below the article. Once you do that, you may start downloading YouTube videos effortlessly and start making money online from alternative AdSense advertising companies. You can try to use and monetize AdSense ads on your free blog if you want to try a more professional YouTube video download site.

Follow the following steps:

1- YT VIDEO TOOL script file:

Just download the YT VIDEO TOOL file below by clicking on the “Download Here” button. There you will find 2 folders in zip file.

  • 1- The template script is called FULL PAGE SCRIPT-YT.xml
  • 2- The script tool is called POST-PAGE SCRIPT-YT.txt
  • Step 01: Login to Blogger Dashboard >> Click on “ Theme ” >> 
  • Then click on “ Customize ” 
  • Then press >> Restore >>
  • Now download the YT VIDEO TOOL file and “Save Theme ”
  • Your site is ready.

Step 02: Display POST-PAGE SCRIPT-YT.txt

Create a “new post” or “new page.” Copy the POST-PAGE SCRIPT-YT.txt  into the “new post” or “new page” HTML and publish the post or page.

Download the script, click here

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