Bigo Live broadcasts the Mobile Legends World Championships

The M4 Championship for the Mobile Legends game is now being held, which is the World Cup for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, and the best international teams representing different regions, including the Middle East, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Latin America and North America, participate in it, with prize money amounting to $ 800,000, so it was The tournament must be transmitted and broadcast in its optimal form, and this is what the Bigo Live platform for live broadcasting has undertaken, which has pledged to transmit the tournament competitions to audiences all over the world.

The Bigo Live platform broadcasts the events and matches of the M4 Championship, which has already started since January 1 and continues with us until January 15, and all matches are broadcast on the official channel of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang tournament, and it also provides a comparison between the data of the participating teams, a comparison between the data of the stars, and a summary In detail, it displays the most important results of the matches, and also encourages fans to come together to share their experience and support their favorite teams or players. In order to provide a more enjoyable and attractive experience for both content makers and viewers on the platform during the tournament, "Bigo Live" is preparing a "M4 Users Watch Hours List", through which it will reward the top ten users who reach the largest number of hours of viewing. This list is updated weekly.

As part of this support for the esports scene, a spokesperson for Bigo Live

Mobile gaming offers new opportunities for people to meet with other people who share similar interests so that they can connect and form meaningful friendships with each other through their shared passion for gaming. He added by saying; “The mobile gaming industry has exploded, and we are proud to support this growth in the Middle East. We are excited to partner with MLBB and are confident that this year's M4 World Championships will showcase the talents of some of the best mobile gamers from around the world. And at the same time, we strive to provide a friendly and competitive environment for our participants. As we look towards the future, we always keep in mind to encourage aspiring players to develop and hone their talents on Bigo Live, thus helping to improve the vast and inclusive gaming community."

It is worth noting the world is witnessing a very significant development in the electronic sports scene, which was published by the report of the market research company "Mordor Intelligence" that the gaming market in all world during the period from 2022 to 2027. And in In light of these growth expectations, BIGO LIVE set out to build a strong and well-established user base of gamers on its platform, and in 2020 BIGO LIVE successfully launched its first edition of the BIGOFUN e-sports tournament. Since then, the platform has provided a fun competitive environment that allows gamers to grow and flourish. The platform has also launched many of these popular gaming events and, as a result, has been able to achieve significant growth among Arab game content creators from across the Middle East and North Africa region.

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