Best sites to download images without rights for bloggers on Blogger

We offer you the best sites to download images without copyright for bloggers, as many bloggers face problems in obtaining images for free and placing them on the blog, so that placing any image you find on the Internet is considered theft for Google and has great consequences such as not publishing articles on webmasters, or It may cause your site to not be accepted in Adsense due to invaluable content because the images are copied as they are and are not modified. The image must be modified before it is posted.

In order to avoid copyright on images, I present to you the best sites to download images without copyright, these sites offer you free images without rights, and you can use them on the blog or in anything you want.

Best websites to get copyright free images on blogger

1. Stocksnap

Stocksnap offers you a lot of images in various fields without rights that can be downloaded for free in the highest quality, modified and placed on the blog without problems. It is also recommended to convert images to Webp to increase the speed of your blog in Blogger. The site is supported by other paid sites, and it is also for selling images, but it also offers free images that you can download and use anywhere you want.

2. lifeofpix

Lifeofpix is a free photo and video download library for use by content creators, marketers, or anyone without copyright issues. It is also possible through this site to upload the photos that you take with your phone to this site and share them with others. lifeofpix works on the principle of participation. All the images on the site are uploaded by the people who took those images or designed them in the form of Vector.

3. Pixabay

One of the best sites for downloading images without rights for bloggers is Pixabay , which is one of the most famous sites in the world for downloading images for free in various fields. Not only that! It also contains a library of free video clips, or what is called Footage Videos, that are used by content makers and marketers as well. It is completely free and you can use these videos on YouTube and Facebook without problems, because they have no copyright.

4. Reshot

Another site to download images for free without rights in various categories. The site also offers you different icons for anything you want for free, in addition to that the site provides free illustrator designs ready for download, and here we must mention that Vectors designs have a very high demand due to their great impact on viewers or users, they have a very beautiful descriptive form and give the professional impression of the blog If you are a blogger, and if you are a content creator in any way.

5. Pixels Pixels

If you want a suggestion from me for the best image download site, I will choose Pexels for you . A very popular site for downloading free images without copyright. In addition to the images, Pexels provides you with a library of free videos that can be uploaded to YouTube without problems, as well as creating videos through these different clips and exploiting the images and videos from this site as you want. This website focuses on the quality of the images, if you are looking for high quality images then you should use Pexels .

6. Unsplash

Among the top 3 sites for downloading images, I have ranked this site in the third level because it offers a large number of images in various fields. You can search for any image you want on the site and then download it for free without effort. It is easy to use for beginners, and I prefer it to bloggers who are looking for images. You will find it on Unsplash .

7. FreeRangeStock

FreerangeStock offers you the possibility to download any image on the site for free and in high quality, but the site needs to create an account for free on the site, after which you can download any image with the highest possible quality and an unlimited number of images, the site contains a lot of comics as well as modified images and vectors .

8. Gratis History

Another site to get images for free on the Internet without rights, although it does not have a large number of images, it is worth mentioning in this article because you may find images on it that you did not find on any site you searched. This site seems unprofessional in terms of design, and these are among the defects that I saw on the site, and I would like to mention them as well, as we mentioned the advantages. Nevertheless, it provides images without rights for free, and this is important.

9. Kaboompics

In the midst of our conversation about sites for downloading images without rights, we also find the Kaboompics site , through which images can be downloaded without rights as well, with acceptable quality and high quality, according to what you choose and what you want. There are options on the site through which you choose which quality you want to upload the image with, either high quality or acceptable quality, and so on. The site contains a lot of pictures in different fields and new niches on the Internet, and I invite you to discover the rest of the advantages of this site and try it.

10. Burst

The last site that we will discuss in this article is the Burst site on the Shopify platform that specializes in providing free high-quality images on the Internet that you can rely on to download high-quality images and put them on your own blog after editing it. So write down the modification of the images because it is very important . The images must be compressed before uploading them to Blogger, as well as converting the image format to Webp to increase the speed.

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