Best Image Compressor Webp Sites To Speed ​​Up Bloggers

 Compressing images and reducing their size is one of the most important operations that every blogger must do before uploading an image to a blog. Because reducing the size of the images helps a lot in speeding up the blog on Blogger, and archiving the site will increase on Google and get visits, and thus get good profits from the blog.

Today I will share with you the best online image compression sites and convert them to the Webp format, this format is the fastest image format for downloading on the Internet. The method of converting images is very simple, there are sites on the Internet that I will refer to you and it is one of the best that converts images online for free and with any number of images you want.

The best image compression websites and convert images to Webp format online

1. Squoosh

Squoosh is one of the fastest sites for compressing images and converting them to various formats, including Webp. It is used by many bloggers due to the site's ease of use and it is 100% free and online. As for the method of using the site, you upload the image that you want to modify on the site, so the site shows you many options such as changing the dimensions of the images and converting their format...etc.

2. Ezgif

ezgif has many free tools other than compressing images and converting them to any other formats such as Webp. You can also crop images and change their dimensions. 

The nice thing about the site is that you can adjust the colors of the images and increase the clarity, as if you were modifying the images in Photoshop. In addition to editing images, the site has online video cutting and editing tools, as well as a video to GIF conversion tool and many other beautiful tools, frankly. All this and more for free on Ezgif


If you are looking for a site to reduce the size of images without losing image quality, then Tinypng is the perfect choice, as Tinypng provides a tool to compress images and reduce their size without losing their size. This site I personally use is a very nice site. This site allows you to compress images less than 5MB. You can try the site to discover the importance of the site, as it helps a lot in increasing the speed of the blog, thus getting many visits from Google, without forgetting the rest of the factors that increase the speed of the blog, such as the blog template and other factors to improve the blog.

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