Backlinks and adding a powerful free backlink to your site

 The search engine ranking depends on the presence of content that provides additional value to the user, as well as adjusting the SEO of blogs and articles. One of the most important pillars of SEO is Backlinks. The presence of high-quality backlinks on the site helps to lead articles in search engines. As it raises Google's confidence in the domain of your website. In the fifth lesson of the SEO Blogger course, we will learn about Backlinks. Adding a powerful and free backlink to your site Backlinks.

It is very important to get a backlink for the site in order to grow the site and lead the search engines. But let's get to know closely about Backlink, what is Backlink, and how to get a strong and reliable Backlink that helps lead Google search engines.

What is backlink?

Backlink is the link to
your site page that is placed on the pages of other sites. For example, if someone writes an article and places a link to my site in their article or anywhere on their page, that link will be counted as a backlink to my site. In SEO, this is called link-building or link - building .

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Backlink helps to quickly improve your site's ranking and search engine rankings. It also increases Google's confidence in your website. It is similar to forming relationships with sites that are trusted by Google, so your site is also reliable when a highly trusted site talks about you. There are types of backlinks and divisions such as the existence of a Dofollow backlink and a Nofollow link. The backlinks that really help you are the links that make up the dofollow.

Get a free and powerful backlink for your blog

In this lesson, we present to you as a gift a site to get a strong dofollow backlink for free, for any page you want on your site. We are talking about Vingle . This website is a social networking and content sharing platform through card creation. You create an account on the site, then create a new card that includes the title of the article and makes it a little different.

In the text block field, you copy part of the article so as not to put the link without content. Then you click on the link icon on the left. Paste your article link and click on add. When you are done, press publish. Congratulations, you got a backlink for your article. It is also possible to obtain backlinks for articles and the home page in the same way.

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Why should you add a backlink?

Adding a backlink to the site helps a lot in ranking search engines. Therefore, every blogger must obtain the blog's backlinks in order to compete in keywords with a high search rate. As the backlink raises something called Domain Authority or domain trust for the search engine. This trust is gained by writing good content and SEO articles. The site's confidence will rise after a period of work on the site. But the backlink is quickly raising the domain's confidence. But beware of bad backlinks.

When you want to put a backlink, you should look for a strong, good, and high-quality backlink. And do not put backlinks in comments and other methods that Google considers spam or fraud. Thus, the site is penalized by Google and the site collapses because it will be prevented from appearing in Google search results.

When do I add backlinks to my site?

When starting a new blog, you should not put a backlink unless you write high-quality articles and many topics on the blog within at least a month. Immediately after that, you are ready to add the backlinks and export the search engines. The mistake that many beginners make is that they put the backlink as soon as the blog is created, so the backlink is counted as spam and does not top the Google search engine.

Building links takes a long time. And you must get backlinks from sites that publish content similar to or related to the content of your site so that the link is logical and useful for your site.

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