As we enter 2023, is eFootball 2023 worth returning to?

 When Konami made its decision to convert the famous PES game to become under the name eFootball 2023 and convert it to be completely free, however, the version was facing many problems and obstacles that almost ended the long career of one of the most famous and popular football games.

eFootball 2023 and a faltering launch.

When Konami launched iFootball in its first version a year and a half ago from now, the game was released as a trial version, not complete. In addition to the limited number of teams and clubs
that were provided in the game, it was suffering from fatal technical problems that made its waiters feel shocked at the time and jealous at the same time as the competing game FIFA was offering more improvements and expansions to its fans.

Konami started its faltering career with apologies and issuance of updates that fix the game and improve the experience, but it took quite some time to get it to an acceptable level.

The game was suffering from problems with the balance of the game system, which greatly affected the gameplay, and it was criticized greatly and harshly, especially by PES veterans who did not find their enjoyment in the new game.

Also, pictures and jokes (memes) captured by a number of famous players such as Ronaldo, Messi, and others, whose forms in the game were suffering from technical errors, appeared ridiculous and ridiculous.

The eFootball 2023 game spent quite a long time witnessing a spread on the Internet due to its problems, although the developer continued to issue corrective updates.

The weak point of eFootball 2023 is the live service or online play, which was quite ironic along with the absence of other game modes. Compared to FIFA 23 from EA Sports, the game lags behind in terms of specialized content.

Getting out of the quagmire of failure

Konami began to launch a massive changes campaign, even reworking the original code of the game in order to fix it and return to the lost glory of PES.

This took some time, but there are tangible improvements appearing in the game, the most prominent of which are improvements to the playing system, in addition to the disappearance of many annoying technical problems, and recently I started adding more game modes.

Dream Team game mode, which is somewhat similar to FUT game mode, although it has not reached its level, but it provides players with enough opportunity to have fun building their favorite team. While Konami is expanding the game mode with more features.

What is the Dream Team game mode?

This is where you can build your original squad by signing your favorite players and managers. When you're ready, put your team to the real test by taking part in various events or fight for promotion in the eFootball League.

eFootball 2023 is still missing a lot

Also, the big missing part in the game is the lack of a Career Mode. So those who want to choose their favorite club and rebuild it over time will not find anything dedicated to this.

Also, the Manager Mode, which Konami promised to provide in eFootball 2023 as DLC content, has not been released yet.

Despite this, and according to our monitoring of the reactions of the game community, there seemed to be some satisfaction about the game and the improvements that continue to reach it. Especially with the large events that have been launched recently in conjunction with the World Cup activities. This shows Konami's interest in bringing more to the game and continuously improving the gaming experience by expanding it with new game modes and additional content.

Also, do not forget that eFootball 2023 is available on all home platforms, PCs and smartphones for free.

Download eFootball 2023 for free

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