An application on your phone threatens your bank accounts... and experts warn

 Because of the existence of loopholes that allow hackers to control the phones of its users and their bank accounts, experts warned of the Todo: Day Manager application, which helps users manage their phones and remind them of their appointments and daily tasks.

Internet and information security experts, in cooperation with the Search Networks Analysis Team, warned of a popular application that runs on Android systems.

Experts have asked its users to remove it immediately, to avoid their privacy being compromised. And according to what was published, today, January 1, 2023, by the “American Fox News” channel, the application that needs to be deleted is “Todo: Day Manager.”

What does Todo: Day Manager do?

According to experts, the app can hack users' privacy, hijack your banking information and even access your text messages.

They explain that Todo Day Manage does this by "intercepting two-step verification codes to control your logins."

Invading users' privacy

Once installed, the app will ask for access to some of your phone's details, and if you agree to that it can be difficult to delete, adds itself as a device administrator, and doesn't allow the user to deactivate it.

And if you give the app access to important information, you may have to factory reset your phone in order to delete it, a Fox News photographer reports.

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