After the new eFootball 2023 update, the World Cup rewards distribution has begun.

 After issuing the eFootball 2023 update No. 2.3, which reached all platforms around the world recently, Konami began monitoring the rewards that resulted from the events that took place during the recent period, which are divided into two parts as follows:

New eFootball 2023 update rewards

  1. Free Chance Deal bonuses.
  2. eFootball International Cup rewards.

1- Free Chance Deal rewards

After installing eFootball 2023 Update 2.3, all players who log in will be rewarded with the free Chance Deal Germany Great Captains Epic Player Pack. And according to what we talked about in a previous report, the player is required to install the update and log in by December 26 to be eligible for the reward. When you sign in, your free Chance Deal will be instantly added to your inbox.

You can find out the details of getting the free Chance Deal by following the steps we have provided in our report here .

2- eFootball International Cup rewards

The recently concluded international eFootball International Cup rewards will be sent after Update 2.3. During this event, users were asked to select one national team as their primary team. A total of 1 billion eFootball currency will be distributed to the top 35 countries/regions based on their ranking.

1eFootball 2023 updateBrazil600120012001200
2eFootball 2023 updateTurkey33021503100880
3eFootball 2023 updateJapan2605808804100
4eFootball 2023 updateArgentina26017307802150
5eFootball 2023 updateSpain23031006801550

Those countries ranked in the top 5 will receive eFootball 2023 International Cup rewards based on 3 rankings: International Ranking, Weekend Picks, and Finally, Goals of Glory. While the rest of the 30 countries and regions, you will not receive rewards for these classifications.

eFootball 2023 International Cup rewards

first placeHe will get a total of 200,000,000 distributed
Second placeHe will get a total of 100,000,000 distributed
the third placeHe will get a total of 80,000,000 distributed
fourth placeHe will get a total of 50,000,000 distributed
Fifth placeHe will get a total of 30,000,000 distributed

The rewards will not stop at this limit, as there is still an additional reward waiting for some players, which is the compensation reward. Some players who open new accounts will receive a reward of 15,000 game currency as compensation for the error that occurred during the registration process, which was later fixed.

Recently, Konami released the eFootball 2023 update No. 2.3.0, which is now available for download on all platforms, including the smartphone version.

The new update v2.3.0 will bring fixes to the game system on all different platforms, which will be distributed over the game system as follows:

Also, Konami announced, in conjunction with the issuance of the new update, that every player will get a free Chance Deal opportunity, and the company announced the following:

As a token of our gratitude for your support, all users who install the eFootball 2023 2.3 update will receive a new Chance Deal.

So, what is the Chance Deal?

Chance Deal is an in-game item in eFootball 2023 that allows users to sign a random player card, from a list of players lined up for a specific Chance Deal Pack. You will get one free attempt to sign a player from the Special Player Pack or Partner Club Pack if you have the Chance Deal for that pack.

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