What is wordpress and the top 10 reasons to use it!!

 What is wordpress, which has come to dominate the world of websites, and why is wordpress classified as one of the most important digital content management platforms (CMS) most used in the world.

In today's article, we will work on explaining what WordPress is for anyone looking to create a WordPress blog in the right way, or who knows more about it.

What Is WordPress ?

WordPress is one of the best and most popular content management programs (CMS) in the world and the first platform in the world of blogging, undisputed.

WordPress is a platform through which you can manage a website professionally and without the need for previous experience in managing websites, with the possibility of installing many free and paid plugins, just like templates, which have become available for all types of websites (personal - commercial - real estate - Advertising classifieds - etc.).

What is wordpress

The platform for writing articles in WordPress is easy to handle.

WordPress Explanation

The WordPress script is easy to deal with for many beginners in the field of web design or bloggers looking to create their own blog and do not have sufficient experience in designing a website or dealing with complex codes. At a time when many professionals and famous websites rely on the WordPress script to manage their sites because of the integrated coordination and organization in terms of programming or the Dashboard admin control panel.

WordPress may resemble Blogger in the simplicity of dealing with it, but it is superior to it with many wonderful features that made it superior to other platforms such as (Joomla - Drupal - and others...) in terms of spread and use, depending on the numbers and statistics of daily WordPress downloads.

WordPress is easy to handle.

The idea cannot be summed up in the ability to drag and drop (DRAG & DROP) in building a unique website, but WordPress is characterized by flexibility that is absent in other platforms.

Coordinated programming in terms of the arrangement of codes, which increases the ease of modification.
Continuous updating and development and filling security gaps whenever they are found by the developer company.Programming format makes WordPress friendly to global search engines and easy to archive.Downloading WordPress from the official website is 100% free.

?Wordpress is the most used CMS platform by 55%. According to the latest statistics, the rate of downloading and installing the WordPress platform has exceeded 200,000 copies per day.

Which may reflect the true picture of the success of this giant script in sweeping the lead, and 55% of CMS users went to it.

WordPress downloads are 77% higher than other platforms, especially since there are many well-known brand websites that operate their websites through the WordPress platform, and they have had great success with them.

BBC America,
Sony Music, Sony Music

If these sites work through the WordPress site, what is the reason behind not using the wordpress program yet?

WordPress features and WordPress ?

This part alone needs a single article in enumerating and limiting the features of WordPress, but as a beginner, it may suffice for you to know the most important features of this giant is its support for the most important living languages of the world, the most important of which to us is the Arabic language, and you also find that WordPress

?Easy to blog, upload images, write articles and format them with high professionalism. Liked by search engines for the speed of archiving it based on the programming organization. With WordPress, you can build a 100% free website.

Supported by explanations in all languages of the world and open source, you can modify it. No experience in dealing with WordPress is required.

?Continuous updates from the official website to maintain the protection of users' sites.

Not only these points, but we have summarized what WordPress is and the top 10 reasons to use WordPress for beginners. Use WordPress in all types of websites. Large companies and large websites rely on WordPress to manage their website. One of the features of WordPress is that it is versatile. You can create the following websites using the WordPress script.


  1. personal profile
  2. news or newspaper
  3. Electronic shop
  4. Personal blog
  5. commercial site
  6. Recruitment site
  7. commercial directory
  8. Question and Answer
  9. Coupons site

Therefore, many of those interested in the field of websites prefer to use the WordPress platform because of its many advantages and are developed all the time through experts around the world. You will also find many websites and videos explaining what WordPress is and providing explanations that may enable you to design the entire site yourself.

How much does it cost to create a WordPress website ?

The answer is zero..!! Yes, you may be surprised. After reading all of the above, you thought that it would cost a lot of money to get a WordPress site.

When you purchase hosting from the best hosting sites such as Bluehost, HostGator or Siteground, you can install WordPress with one click from within the control panel.

And you can refer to customer service with technical support and request the installation of WordPress on hosting, and you will be answered in less than a minute by implementing your request. Or any hosting company from these companies

?One of the advantages of WordPress is that it is 100% free, and you can start a site with zero costs, you will find more than 3000 free templates waiting for you and more than 39500 plugins available to everyone and ready to download at any time.

But at the same time, it should be noted that there are other paid templates and add-ons that provide and provide more professionalism for your site, and when you start, you will know very well which of them you should buy, but the important thing now is to start with the lowest costs.

Summary of the WordPress program
I tried to answer the most common question that concerns all beginners in the world of the Internet, which comes to me as a text. What is WordPress?

And I think that in this article I tried to answer it in a simple way, but what I would like to add to this article is that when you use WordPress on your site, you will never think of dispensing with it at all, and you will start learning more about how to program and modify it.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress ?

1- Is WordPress free?
Yes, WordPress is 100% free, and you can download WordPress from the official website.

2- Does WordPress support the english language?
Yes, the most important thing that distinguishes WordPress is the support of the english language and more than 50 other languages.

3- Does WordPress require previous experience?
It may require you to know and understand the basic principles without having to study the codes or deal with them.

4- What is the way to install WordPress?
If you have web hosting from one of these companies, you can install WordPress with just one click.

5- Is it possible to design a real estate website through WordPress?
Yes, you can design a real estate website through WordPress, a company website, or an online store. It's easy and cool.

I hope that I have answered all your questions. Share the topic for the benefit of everyone, and I hope that you will comment on your question.

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