What is Metaverse? Will it change the world of the Internet and revolutionize it?

What is Metaverse? What are the dangers for the world and people? What are its advantages and the value it will add to life ? All of these questions are most prevalent after the announcement of the Metaverse, so through the Echo Post website, we will know what the Metaverseis


What is Metaverse

On the 28th of October in the year 2021, the announcement came of something that might change the history of all mankind, which is to inform the director of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg - about the new update for Facebook, and it may be the new update for the whole world, which is the Metaverse.

What is the virtual world

The term metaworld was first used by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snowfall.

The novel stipulates that the characters on the ground interact with each other virtually in a parallel world as fictional characters through software that enables them to do so, to be in a three-dimensional space, as we saw in the science fiction movie Avatar, which brings us closer to the concept of the three-dimensional world and we know from it what it is. metaverse.

  • The concept of metaverse has evolved to include the term in many areas of graphics, video games, and global fantasy novels, but no one imagined that this concept would turn into a real life lived by humans, as Mark announced.

Mark Zuckerberg definition of metaverse

At the conference announcing the technology of the virtual world - Metaverse - Mark - Director of Facebook - directed the definition of Metaverse through his own vision, so that we know what Metaverse is through the perspective of its founder.

He said that the metaverse is: a group of virtual worlds, those worlds are like an interconnected chain that includes countless interactions, those interactions between virtual worlds are not limited to the world of entertainment and games only, but extend to include the factor of money and business.

What would life be like in the metaverse?

By Mark's visualization of the Metaverse, we would have known what the Metaverse is, but by imagining that the Metaverse is a parallel world with all life interactions, the most important of which are money and business, thus we imagine that the interaction within the Metaverse world will not be limited to temporary entertainment!

Rather, the Metaverse will turn into a complete life lived by its users, and whoever will retire from using it will have retired from that future life, so we must get to know how to live in the virtual world.

Mark explained how to live on the Metaverse as follows:

  • Life will be like transforming the world of the Internet into a community that surrounds us through a 3D feature.
  • Thus, the user will find himself inside a virtual world that is part of a series of virtual worlds that are endless and endless.
  • In those worlds, the user can meet as many people as he wants and interact with them.
  • These interactions between users do not stop at the level of social interactions, but rather the matter takes greater dimensions to include practical interactions with the presence of joint works between them in the world of metaverse.
  • Thus, all human activities based on reality will be affected by the pain of the metaverse, but will be a part of it.

The gap between metaphysics and reality

Communications and information technology experts came to answer the most common question about whether the Metaverse will transform into the real world. The response of communications and information technology expert Dr. Yasser Hassan was as follows:
  • The use of metaverse technology that transforms all human interactions into the virtual world requires high-tech technologies.
  • Emotional communication between humans requires visual communication that reflects facial expressions and eye expression clearly on the avatar. For this to happen in the right way, a special headset is needed for the virtual world.
  • Mark has revealed the price of the headphone used to the metaverse world, as its price reaches 300 US dollars, which is the exorbitant price for users, especially in developing countries.
  • Therefore, it is expected that the metaverse world will be very limited and will be limited to a limited number of users.

How the Metaverse is Enabled by Computer Vision

Computer vision is a branch of AI that enables machines to understand and interpret visual information, such as images, videos, and 3D models. Computer vision is essential for creating and accessing the metaverse, as it provides the means to capture, render, and manipulate the virtual world and its inhabitants.

Some of the applications of computer vision in the metaverse are:

  • Capture: Computer vision can be used to capture real-world data and convert it into digital formats that can be used in the metaverse. For example, computer vision can use cameras and sensors to scan faces, bodies, objects, and environments and create realistic 3D models that can be used as avatars, assets, or scenes in the metaverse.
  • Render: Computer vision can be used to render synthetic data and display it in immersive ways in the metaverse. For example, computer vision can use algorithms and techniques to generate realistic and diverse synthetic faces, voices, text, and 3D environments that can be used for various purposes in the metaverse.
  • Manipulate: Computer vision can be used to manipulate synthetic data and enable interactivity in the metaverse. For example, computer vision can use tenets such as gesture recognition, human-pose tracking, and emotion and expression analysis to help devices decipher how humans interact with their environments, and use that intel to design intuitive and hyper-realistic sensory experiences in the metaverse.

Computer vision is thus a key enabler of the metaverse, as it provides the tools and technologies to create and experience a virtual world that is indistinguishable from reality.

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Psychological dangers of metaphysics

The Dangers of Metaverse Consultant psychiatrist Dr. Walid Hindi came to describe the Metaverse technique as the alarm bell for the human psyche, because it will be the main destroyer of it!

Dr. Walid al-Hindi's explanation of the dangers of engaging in the virtual world on the human psyche was as follows:

  • The addiction to virtual social media was the main reason for the emergence of what is known as “FOMO” disorder, which is a disorder of fear of losing an emotional relationship.
  • FOMO disorder develops into social media addicts with a sleep disorder, as a person interrupts his sleep just to check on the status of a message he has sent, and remains busy to receive a response.
  • Instead, the user stays glued to their mobile device just waiting for someone—anyone—to send them a message showing they care.
  • FOMO includes the fear of missing out, as social media users are glued to their mobile devices, waiting to bump into an important event or breaking news.
  • All of this and social networking sites are still in their traditional stage. If the development reaches the stage of metaphysics, we will find the field of psychiatry crowded with many psychological disorders that crowd fusion in virtual worlds, which makes people deprived of their will.

What are the advantages of metaverse

By knowing what Metaverse is, and by encountering its dangers and its negative impact on the human psyche, we must not lose sight of the advantages of Metaverse and its value for life. Among the advantages of Metaverse:

  • The ability to try before buying via Metaverse: Through virtual world technology, the user can try any product before proceeding to purchase it, without the need to leave the door of his room.
    This will be through the 3D technology that Metaverse gives to users, which will enable sellers to interact with users directly.
  • Evolution of medical technology in the virtual world: By developing modern medical equipment to be able to work in virtual reality - the metaverse - doctors will be able to develop their medical experiences and equipment more extensively.
  • This will be through the possibility of testing the biological process on virtual reality, from expanding the diagnosis and discovery of health problems and researching treatment for them.
  • The boom in the world of entertainment and games due to the metaverse: The gaming industries are among the prominent global industries, but they are now in a state of stagnation and self-repetition, in light of reaching the pinnacle of innovation and the inability to develop, which made them suffer from a slowdown in the evolutionary process.
  • But with the entry of metaverse technology into the world of the electronic games industry, electronic games will take a new direction of development, with new divisions of real-world games entering the world of virtual games due to metaverse.
  • Metaverse and e-tourism: Because of the metaverse, people will get a new unique type of tourism, that type is e-tourism, as many people are unable to visit many prominent tourist places because of the high prices of travel and accommodation and the difficulties of procedures.
    This is what the Metaverse will completely eliminate by providing the luxury of traveling and seeing all parts of the world through the VR glasses used in the world of Metaverse.

When we know what Metaverse is, we know that it is like anything, a technology that has many advantages and many risks and damages. The difference between this and that is rationality and awareness in use.

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