What is DNS?

What is DNS?

DNS is a summary of the Domain Name System
. This means that it brings you the domains of the sites that you search for in the browser, instead of typing the ip that brings you the domain name of the site

How is DNS formed and how does it work?

DNS is huge links and servers that contain millions of domains. When you enter a domain name in your browser, the browser sends requests to DNS, and DNS searches for this domain and its ip and sends you the result by opening the site you want with the domain name. (domain) that you requested,
and if it does not find the domain, it will send you that this site does not exist

For example, when you open the terminal and write the following command

ping domain name

The ping sends a request to the DNS, and the DNS sends you the IP of that domain

How do I know the DNS of a particular site?

It's simple, just use one of the following commands:

How to use the nslookup command?

Type nslookup
then it will work for you like this

DNS will bring you the site

◇ How to use dig command?

dig the domain name

How is DNS exploited in Hacking ?

For example, you found the DNS and did not find a loophole in the domains. The hacker checks the DNS if there are gaps in it, where he can penetrate them and control all sites and all requests. For example, he can put the name of his site instead of the google site.

Denial of service:
You can use normal DDOS tools, but the best thing is to use a botnet to make the attack stronger, which leads to stopping DNS and all links connected to it. Such an attack has already been done against large companies and sites, including Twitter.

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