Treatment Of Facial And Nose Pores

What are the reasons for the appearance of pores in the face and nose, what are the natural medical and cosmetic methods of treating facial and nose pores, and what are the most important experiences of girls in treating facial pores from the pharmacy?

Treatment of facial and nose pores

What are the reasons for the appearance of pores in the face and nose, what are the natural medical and cosmetic methods of treating facial and nose pores , and what are the most important experiences of girls in treating facial pores from the pharmacy?

Pores are an important and necessary part of the skin , and they are essential in it, just like the sebaceous glands or bulbs in the hair. They also benefit the skin, as they increase its hydration and eliminate sweat.

But sometimes the opening of these pores increases, especially in the face and around the nose , due to several factors , and this is what gives young men, especially girls, a lack of self-confidence because of the appearance of their skin . .


Methods of treating natural facial and nose pores

Pores are a natural thing and they can be in a large number of people, but of course it is possible to get rid of them, as follows:

  • Use products that have a watery texture

These products are used especially for people with oily skin, and the reason is that these products reduce the oil that is found in the skin, and then these oils decrease and reduce the appearance of pores.

  • Make sure to clean the face in the morning and in the evening

Washing the face is the basic step for skin care, and it is necessary to wash the face twice a day with water and a cleanser that matches the skin type.

  • Pick out gel cleansers

It is used especially for people with oily skin because it reduces the oils in the skin.

  • Skin peeling procedure

People, especially those with oily skin, should exfoliate the skin once or more a week, because exfoliation contributes to a large percentage in getting rid of the dirt present in the skin, including: dirt stuck to the skin, dead cells in the skin, and oils that have not been eliminated.

  • Apply a clay mask

The mud mask has many benefits, such as getting rid of the oil in the pores and reducing their expansion, and it is applied only once or twice during the week.

It should be noted that excessive skin care may have the opposite effect, as skin irritation occurs, and it is filled with impurities and defects.

  • Clean makeup from the skin before going to sleep

Keeping cosmetics for a period that exceeds the day is a great harm because it contributes to the appearance of impurities, bacteria and dirt on the skin, and this has a great role in the presence of wide pores in the skin, and for this reason, care must be taken to permanently remove makeup and get rid of its effects.


Medical and cosmetic methods of treating facial and nose pores

There has recently been a tremendous development in cosmetic medicine and alternatives to surgery, and accordingly all skin problems have become treatable without resorting to surgery, and we will mention the most important methods of skin treatment, which are:

Treating large pores by peeling

(Chemical skin peeling) is the most common, due to its ease and lack of need for surgery, as well as its effective benefits in that it gives the skin great freshness, and peeling is by getting rid of the upper skin layers, and this contributes to increasing the purity of the skin and freeing it from impurities, and restores the skin’s freshness in addition to that Activates the secretion of natural collagen, helping the cells in the skin to regenerate in a healthy way.

There is more than one type of peeling, and the patient uses any of them according to the type of his condition, and we will mention these types as follows:

  1. Superficial peeling:

Most often, this type of peeling is used in order to soften the skin and improve its shape, and to contribute to the disappearance of acne and melasma.

  1. Medium peel:

This type of peeling is used to combat the signs of aging, such as minor wrinkles and facial lines, and is also used to eliminate enlarged pores and pigmentation in the skin.

  1. Deep exfoliation:

This type of peeling is considered the most severe, and therefore it is not compatible with all skin types, and is used to get rid of deeply spread skin wrinkles, and the severity of sagging in the skin.

Micro-needle therapy

This technique works by puncturing the skin with tiny holes, and this activates the production of collagen and new cells in the skin, and this contributes to the disappearance of wide pores and the return of the skin to its freshness and vitality, and there are two types of this technique, namely dermapen needles and derma roller needles, and there are some cases that should not be To use these needles, which are:

  • It is forbidden to use these needles during pregnancy.
  • Pimples in the skin that can cause inflammation.
  • The presence of a skin disease and a treatment regime followed.
  • To be present in the area that is required to be treated, any wounds.
  • To have a diseased type such as eczema in the area that needs to be treated.
Laser treatment:

This type of treatment is more effective in some people who have enlarged pores, either due to aging or due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Pores and the skin's return to glow.

Laser treatment includes more than one type of laser beams, namely:

  • Fractional laser.
  • Claire Lift
  • Antibiotic treatment

Here, it is necessary to get rid of acne first if the person suffers from it, and the doctor may offer you medicine that will help you get rid of acne.


Methods of treating facial and nose pores from the pharmacy

There are several creams that can be purchased from the pharmacy that contribute to the removal of the enlarged facial pores, and we will mention the following:

  • Panthenol cream

Which increases the moisture and freshness of the skin, and is characterized by the rapid appearance of its results, and helps the skin to get rid of the pores in the face and nose.

  • Mini miser cream

It contributes greatly to tightening pores, removing dead skin layers, and giving the skin a smooth texture.

  • Bioderma cream

It is one of the best types that help get rid of enlarged pores, cleanse and protect the skin and increase its radiance.


Girls' experiences in facial pores

One of the girls mentioned that she was suffering a lot from the appearance of her skin and found it not beautiful, as she suffers from wide pores, but after that she searched for ways to remove the pores and then she used peeling, and some creams prescribed by the doctor, and she was surprised when she saw the result, as her skin returned to its purity and beauty, And it became free of wide pores .


What are the reasons for the appearance of pores on the face and nose

There are several factors that contribute to the appearance of wide pores , the most important of which are:

  • Instability of female hormones, especially during menstruation, as the pores in the nose expand.
  • Due to heredity, one or both parents may have large pores.
  • With increasing age, because the skin becomes inelastic and thus the pores expand.
  • An increase in the natural oil of the skin, and most people with oily skin, it is likely that the pores will become clogged if the oil mixes with dirt or other substances that affect the skin.
  • Deficiency in skin collagen, and this is due to excessive exposure to sunlight, and thus skin elasticity decreases.
  • The face sweats more and the pores look enlarged.
  • Not paying attention to facial hygiene well, or sleeping while keeping cosmetics on the skin, plays a major role in the expansion of pores.
  • Cosmetics, which play a major role in bringing dirt to the skin, in addition to helping in the appearance of pores and not contributing to their concealment.
  • In addition to using bad types of makeup.
  • Not cleaning cosmetics well after applying them.


At the end of the article, treat the pores of the face and nose

In the article Treating Face and Nose Pores, we have come to know that having smooth, beautiful skin free of impurities is the dream of every girl, and for that they are subject to all methods that help them in this, and in this article we mentioned the most important methods that help get rid of wide pores .

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