The computer version of GTA 5 is exposed to a serious hack, and Rockstar is responding.

GTA 5 has once again been hacked, this time in the PC version. Where this hack is very dangerous because of its impact on the story and online mode together, in addition to its bad timing.

According to the reliable source of Rockstar Games Tez2 , the computer version of GTA 5 has been exposed to a new hack, which is the most dangerous to date. The problem is happening to players in single player and multiplayer modes, a new hack that completely stops you from playing and your character stands still despite being given orders to do things.

There is also another problem that makes the loading screens not stop in the game, these are the problems of the new hack and are currently known as Kick, meaning expulsion, or Crash, meaning crash. In order for us to learn more about the mechanism of his work, you can see one of the examples below of a player who recorded what happened with him.

This is so bad, not because it's so hard to fix, but because it's so badly timed. Right now we are in the holiday season and all the developers have taken a vacation. It is mentioned that the company recognized the problem and promised to fix it, but the solution to the problem will not be quick, but rather it will take time.

What is also strange about this hack is that the culprit does not have to be with you on the same server in order to hack you. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you must use anti-hacking software and play freely.

The story of this game is confusing, and the longer its life and continued support, the more its problems and the more complex its solutions, so what do you think?.

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