The Chainsaw Man anime is coming October 2022, and here are its official teasers!

Saw Man Anime  | Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated new anime from many around the world, Fall 2022!
Based on a  popular manga with the same title  (with  action-adventure-shounen-bloody ratings ), the Chainsaw Man manga, since its release in December 2018, has been able to attract many readers to its exciting and breathtaking story, and its completely unconventional hero, appearing at us with the head of a giant chainsaw. ! Today it's time to take a look at what lies ahead!

Short suspense (30 seconds) :

Full version (about a minute and a half) :

The official Chainsaw Man teasers were finally launched in two versions (as in the video above), through the official account on Twitter and on YouTube, indicating that the anime is expected to be shown this fall (October 2022)  – they have not specified the exact date yet –

And the Chainsaw Man anime comes to us from the production of MAPPA Studio , which is shining very brightly  these days  (one of its most prominent productions recently:  the Dororo  anime +  the Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) anime  + of course the fourth and final season - in its parts - of  Attack on Titan  )

An excerpt from The  Chainsaw Man 's Story Chainsaw Man


 Dingy , the simple young man, had one small dream! To live quietly and peacefully with his beloved, but the winds always bring what ships do not desire! And he was forced to plunge into a life far from calm or safe! Under crushing debts and forced to follow the orders of her yakuza mobster, he fights demons using  his pet Pochita  with special demonic abilities as a weapon in exchange for a little money.

However, in a frightening turn of events, “Denji” was killed during one of the confrontations, so that the spirit of “ Puccita ” merged with the corpse of “ Denji ” and he was revived with the same demonic “saw” abilities! So now that he's able to transform parts of his body into deadly saws, " Dingy " will take offTo get rid of his enemies swiftly and brutally, attracting the attention of the official “Demon Hunters” and his life from now on to take on a whole new direction! 

The information page for the new upcoming anime on the MAL website: from here 


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