The 6 most important goals of creating the C# language for Microsoft

  Here are the 6 most important goals of creating the C# language, as Microsoft has designed a set of operations and procedures within a very huge library. This library is called the .NET framework, and this is evident from Microsoft's statements, which indicate that C# is the mother tongue for writing applications based on the .NET platform.

1- Simple language:

C# came to eliminate the complexities and problems of languages such as Java
and C++, so it canceled macros, templates, and multiple inheritance, as these cause confusion among
C++ developers, as well as the emergence of problems. If you are studying C# for the first time, there is no need
to study these topics. This was the first goal of creating the C Sharp language.

2- A modern language:

Exception handling, extensible data types, and command security are
features of modern pointer languages, an essential component of C and C++, and this
component is one of the most confusing for programmers. Many of the
complexities and problems caused by this component have been eliminated in C#.

3- An object-oriented programming language:

In order for the programming language to be an object, it must have basic concepts that characterize
it, namely capsulation, inheritance, and
polymorphism. The C# language supports all of these concepts.

4 Strong and flexible language:

We said previously that there are no limits to this language, just unleash your imagination, so we can use
the C# language in large projects with multiple formats, such as graphic programs, spreadsheets
, and compilers for other languages.

5- A language with few words:

C# uses few keywords, which are the basis for the language's procedures. You may think that a language with many keywords is a powerful language, but this is not true. When you program using C#, you will find that it is a language that can be used to perform any task.

6 stylistic language:

C# commands are written in the form of Classes, i.e. classes that contain
member methods, and these classes can be reused in other programs.

Finally, it suffices to say that with the C# language, you will be able to design the most complex applications with much less effort than you can make using other programming languages.

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