Suspicious expectations for Medvedev.. an American civil war and Elon Musk, the president

  Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev set "suspicious" expectations for his perception of what could happen in the new year, including Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, CEO of Twitter, assuming the presidency of the United States after its "dissolution".

And the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, on Twitter and Telegram, wrote a list of 10 predictions, and titled what he said: “Before the new year, everyone loves to make predictions.”

Among what the senior official close to Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted was the outbreak of civil war in the United States and the collapse of the European Union.

These are the ten predictions written by Medvedev complete.

1. The price of oil will rise to $150 per barrel, and the price of gas will exceed $5,000 per thousand cubic meters.

2. The United Kingdom will rejoin the European Union.

3. The European Union will collapse after the return of the United Kingdom, and the use of the euro will cease .

4. Poland and Hungary will occupy the western regions of the "former" Ukraine .

5. A "Fourth Reich" will be established, which includes the lands of Germany and its dependencies, that is, Poland, the Baltic states, Czechia, Slovakia, the Kyiv Republic and other "untouchables".

6. War will break out between France and the Fourth Reich, dividing Europe, re-dividing Poland in the process.

7. Northern Ireland will secede from the United Kingdom and join the Republic of Ireland.

8. A civil war will break out in the United States and the states of California and Texas will become independent. Texas and Mexico will form an ally, and Elon Musk will win the presidential elections in a number of Republican states after the end of the new civil war.

9. All stock markets and greater financial activity will leave the United States and Europe and move to Asia.

10. The Bretton Woods system of monetary management will collapse leading to the collapse of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the euro and the dollar will cease to circulate as global reserve currencies, and digital currencies will be actively used instead.

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