LEGO Brawls will have 77 trillion fighter customization options

 The New Year is upon us and the LEGO Brawls craze brings you to battling and jumping on wild platforms for the whole family packed with insane boosts, levels of your favorite LEGO themes and near-endless mini-fighter customizations.

Do you want to be the best fighter in LEGO Brawls?

The game development team shares tips and tricks to help you build and fight like champions. In Fighting Basics you can collect minifigures and power-ups to create your own unique fighter and be at the top of the global leaderboards. The game features LEGO-themed levels, from beloved classics like Space and Castle, to fan favorites like LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO NINJAGO , and LEGO Monkie Kid .

Each level offers different game modes, unique challenges, and winning conditions. You can fight alone or with family and friends. During online multiplayer play, you can compete in 4v4 play to control details, collect collectibles in Collect Mode levels, play a Battle Royale-style game or engage in free-for-play. -brawl) where the minifigure standing last wins. In Party mode, you can play private games with friends online or offline.

Build fighters

You'll build and compete with LEGO® Fighters minifigures that are custom and unique to your personality, strategy and playstyle.

Make your way to the top and unlock fun and rare parts, then blast into customizing your minifigure. With over 77 trillion customization possibilities, you can choose any combination of minifigure parts, accessories, melee weapons, power-ups, emotes and names to build your winning fighter.

Insane fighting in LEGO Brawls

The melee attack is the simplest attack. These quick attacks require a few hits to get rid of the opponent, but when you're in doubt, just keep hitting. The clash of your choice can be anything: boxing gloves, baguette, electric guitar, plastic garden flamingo or dozens of other silly options - they all cause the same destruction so go with whatever suits your style. Lunge and knock attacks deal the same damage and knockdown. Collecting boosts during each level will benefit you.

You'll find everything from jetpacks, carrot guns, snake cars, hot dog vans, chickens (and chicken suits), giant fighting robots, a T-Rex, and so much more. These instantaneous special abilities will help you outsmart your opponents, make progress, and get out of sticky situations.

New unlockable Heroes and Content

As you battle for victory, you'll unlock all kinds of new hero minifigures, customization pieces, power-ups and emotes to level up your strategy - and your style. You can select your favorite LEGO theme to play with and fight to unlock all the content on the way and get special items. Keep an eye out for limited-time exclusive themes that will allow you to unlock special content like Jingle Brawls.

Heroes are legendary fighters with their own unique gear, including augmentations, melee weapons, and emotes. Playing as a hero will allow you to unlock exclusive content to use with any of your custom minifigures, and our pro tip is that you can use 100x hero boosts to add to the customization options. If you unlock all current hero boosts, a new hero will appear.

The game is now available on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox. Are you ready to launch the epic fight?

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