Learn about the damages of mining on the phone

Mining damage on the phone, we have been warned about the danger of mining on the phone because this matter caused the freezing and damage of the phone permanently and in a very short period, so mining should not be done on the personal phone because the phone will be damaged in a short period that may not exceed a few days and there is Many people work in the field of bitcoin, and they use many methods to mine bitcoin through a personal phone or through a computer, but these methods are not preferred because it results in a lot of damage to the phone.

Where the phone stops working, and mining was initially done through official cards that carry out these operations quickly, but these cards consume a lot of electrical energy, so users are doing the mining process through their phones.

What is the meaning of mining?

Mining is a method in which bitcoin is obtained, and this method was very rewarding in the past, but at this time, due to the large number of people who use bitcoin, this matter requires a great effort to obtain a profit, and bitcoin is like gold in the ground, where the user searches for This currency, but not in the ground, but through some computers, but because of the perception of this process, obtaining bitcoin has become very difficult.

It is about adding transactions to the public record to physical transactions, which is a series of books, and the Bitcoin currency was designed so that this process is very difficult, which is to solve some complex mathematical equations through some computers, which have excellent and high advantages and capabilities, and the application makes the difficulty of mathematical equations Minimizing mining damage on the phone.

Mining damage on the phone

There are a lot of people who mine through their phone while sitting at home, where these people hope to get a lot of money because of the mining process, and when people invite friends and relatives through their code, the mining power of their currency increases, and there are about more Out of 3 million people use mining on their phones but this is very dangerous for phones.

Also, mining has a lot of fake things and deceptions, and these deceptions easily threaten the security of users' data, as users do not care about the safety factor of their data, and a new currency called bitcoin has appeared and this currency was launched recently and many people trade it through some steps and equations Therefore, care must be taken when using this digital currency

Bitcoin and mining

There is an application that allows people to exchange digital currency Bitcoin without the need for a third party or a trusted intermediary such as a bank, which makes this matter very easy, as it is modified by one click every 24 hours, and if the user does not press this pressure, mining stops until He presses again and the mining process relies on decoding some mathematical code.

Users download an application on the mobile phone that wants the application to destroy the processor of the mobile phone and burn the phone while leaving it, so that the person can mine, but this new application does not have any connection to paper currencies, but it is a tool that is used for electronic swindling, and through it there are a lot of mining damages On the phone.

Electronic monument during the mining process

The application requires users to use their own accounts, access contacts, connect files, videos, images, and read the contents. It can also modify and delete some of the contents in the user's storage. If the user wants to download these applications, he must bear full responsibility in this matter. Because this application steals data with ease, and this is one of the damages of modifying the phone.

The reasons for the difficulty of mining at this time

Bitcoin was at the beginning very profitable, but when the number of users of this currency increased, a large number of people used bitcoins very much, and finding them became very difficult and could be done by solving some mathematical equations and symbols.

And the user must create about 21 million bitcoins only, and after that, currencies will be traded, but no new currencies will be produced after that, and these things are what made the mining process very difficult and made the price of bitcoin high.

There is another method of mining, which is cloud mining, as this method helps in solving mathematical equations related to the mining process, and it is a very simple process and it is a long-term investment. If the user wants to do this, he must join a cloud mining company that buys mining hardware and there are networks specialized in this matter.

Mining through the CPU

This step was used at the beginning of using his Bitcoin mining business, but it was very difficult, and because of the development of the mining process and the increase in the number of people accepting it, many other methods spread, and when the user searches through the computer, he will find a lot of programs for modifying Bitcoin. These programs are mining by Its way for a year or more or less, but the user must avoid this type of mining because it is false mining and damages computers and mobile phones.

Mining through graphics cards

This is very old, and graphics cards are one of the oldest methods that were used in the Bitcoin mining process, where the user can build one Bitcoin in 100 years, through the hash power that it produces, and there are many new currencies that can be used in this method, but Bitcoin does not Graphics cards are used while they are in use.

Current mining equipment

There are many devices that are used during mining operations, and the most famous of these devices is the antiminer device. The price of this device is about 1881 dollars, and its weight is about 5 kilograms. This device costs about 205 dollars per month, but it will not be profitable to use this device at first, so the user must To keep mining until you start making money.

Viruses that infect devices during the mining process

Mining programs should not be downloaded to computers or mobile phones, because this matter exposes the device to malware and viruses, and the search for this matter increases, and in the end the user will not be able to differentiate between the original site and the fake site. If the person is a beginner, he does not know the fake sites that work on Stealing user data and using this data in many major operations.

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