It seems that Rockstar started teasing the game GTA 6 through this ads

 Leaks related to Rockstar's largest project, GTA 6 , continue, behind which we have witnessed the spread of many leaked videos of the game, as well as revealing to us the main characters of the game and many other details . This is considered the largest leak in the history of the company, and indeed in the history of the entire industry.

While we await more official news about Grand Theft Auto 6, we shared the official account of the developer Rockstar on Twitter with a video that was an unusually strange advertisement that contains the Rockstar Games logo mixed with bright colors with some incomprehensible details, and it extends for 15 seconds.

The video caused a stir on social networks among followers, as the gamer community was divided between what confirms seeing the word GTA 6 and what confirms the opposite. While others raise the theory of the association of the logo with the sixth part of the series, which will focus mainly on narcotic substances, which gives meaning to those colors.

category sees Games simply promoting the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update, titled Los Santos Drug Wars. The update was released on December 13th, and is described as injecting psychological chaos into GTA Online (i.e. the cannabis strain) and the description matches the clip in some ways.

In either case, the game is expected to be announced in the coming months. Rather, it may be within the next few weeks, as confirmed by many sources that indicated that the game will be released in 2024 . Other sources suggested that the game would be released at the beginning of 2025.

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