How to improve SEO on Google

First, we will shed light on the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is one of the most important e-marketing tools. Where every site that wants to succeed in marketing has become interested in SEO to overcome competitors.

1- What is SEO?

What is meant  SEO is to improve the site's pages to appear in the first search engine results naturally by following a set of methodologies and tactics to obtain a high ranking on the search results pages. The higher a website appears in the search results, the more likely it is to visit it.

For example, there are about 117 million search results for “tour operator” on the Google search engine

Where the Google search algorithm prefers pages closely related to the keyword based on special criteria to rank the results and shows them in the first search results. Weak pages appear in the last results.

2- What are search engines?

The most popular engine is Google, as 80% of the searches are done through it, and the rest of the operations are distributed among other engines, BaiduYandexASKBing....

3- Study keywords

The basic first step in the promotion campaign using SEO techniques begins with identifying the target keywords, and they must be the most relevant to the subject of the site pages. This process takes an insight into the searches of potential customers to learn about their interests and behaviour. There are statistical tools, some free and others paid, to find out these words.

4- The most important factors affecting the ranking of search results

There are many factors that limit appearing on the first search results pages. We will mention some of them:

Improving search results by not using appropriate keywords. Use large and high-quality images. The presence of software errors and problems in the sites. Site slow. Using bad hosting companies or using shared hosting. Non-compliance with content industry standards. Not following the steps recommended by Google to increase your chances of exposure. Excessive use of software additions and extensions on the site, etc

  • The most important 10 steps that must be followed to reach the best possible results in SEO:

1. Provide high quality content and services

The Google search algorithm that ranks the results has become so smart that it is able to know the level of quality of the content provided by the site, so this step has been started because it is undoubtedly the most important step that you should pay attention to when working to improve search results. Therefore, we say that the lack of distinguished content that attracts the reader or a high-quality service, the site will not get a good ranking in the search engine results even if the following nine steps are applied below.

Also, good content plays an effective role not only in obtaining good search results, but also in increasing the number of visitors in general, because the person benefiting from the content will direct other visitors to this content. And this can be through posts on social media, and this enhances building a strong reputation for your site, and as a result, obtaining great results in the Google search engine,

2. Adjust the SEO settings with the site:

Implementation of all the steps recommended by SEO experts within the site, which include checking basic keywords standards, checking the minimum number of words contained on each page, checking the naming of images, checking heading restrictions, checking main and sub keywords, checking matching tags with key words. Ensure the density of keywords within the content. Plant keywords on the pages of the site that increase the chances of appearing at the top of the search results and perform other special tactics.

3. Work to improve the speed of browsing the site:

Google recently stated that if you increase the loading time of website pages by 30 seconds, this is enough to reduce the volume of visitors to the site by 20%. And the speed of browsing the site is an important factor for the preference and ranking of sites on the search engines. The site speed is improved by programming the site professionally, where the code is clean and accurate. Also, the code can be modified to make it simple and contain only the commands necessary to load the page and remove the commands that are not necessary. The website files are then compressed to achieve the highest possible browsing speed.

4. Using Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology:

A content delivery network is a system of networks and servers geographically distributed around the world that stores the site's content in more than one place called (service points), and upon request, pages are downloaded from the closest network point to the user. For example, if the user is in Saudi Arabia and the site is on a Canadian server, he will have a problem responding. Therefore, copies of the site are distributed to different service points around the world, for example Turkey, so they are brought from Turkey because it is closer to the user.

5. Using the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology:

It is a project by Google to make browsing websites extremely fast as navigation between pages becomes almost instantaneous. It gives importance to the speed of browsing the site on mobile.

6. Install the SSL/HTTPS security certificate on the website:

It is a security measure for websites. When the certificate is activated, a padlock appears that allows a secure connection from the web server to the browser. Therefore, installing the certificate is one of the most important factors that give the site reliability and increase its chances of appearing in the first search results.

7. Using Caching Programs

There are a number of ways to cache, including storing files on the user's browser (Browser caching) or storing files and images in the server's temporary memory by downloading the most visited pages.

8. Activate a Google Business account and add company content to a Google Map:

A Google Business account allows business owners to control their search results. It shows additional information about the company on the side of the search results, such as the address on the map, the company's address, phone number, working hours, and visitors' ratings.

9. Archive all pages of the site on the Google Search Console:

This step is one of the most important steps that must be followed to identify the site on the search network. Where the Google algorithm, after including the map in the Google Search Consol, quickly crawls and archives all site links. This is by embedding the sitemap into Google's dashboard and indexing it.

10. Linking the website with auxiliary platforms

There are many platforms that play an important role in improving search results, the most important of which is activating site statistics with Google Analytics, linking site statistics with the Google search results control panel, and also linking the site with other search engines, the most important of which are Baidu, Yandex, Bing

Internal seo and external seo

Sometimes, a simple change in a keyword or code can open doors to enter a new market and differentiate your business from your competitors.
Optimization for search engines can be done by optimizing the pages, their titles, code, content, and general structure, after taking into account the targeted keywords.
This part is called On-site SEO, optimization for search engines within the site, or internal SEO.
We also need to make sure that the site has a large number of links pointing to it from other sites that have high credibility.
This is known as off-site SEO, off-site search engine optimization, or external SEO.
Successful SEO needs both parts with a calculated balance, and finding the right balance is about analyzing and tracking indicators.

Seo tools

Similar to paid search engine advertising, keywords that bring customers to your site are critical to SEO.
We must use the right keywords or we risk wasting time and money attracting the wrong customers to us.
Many businesses make the big SEO mistake of using keywords that they think customers are using, instead of the words that are actually being used to search for the product.
And it's never hard to know what words potential customers use to search for similar companies.
For example, Google offers some useful keyword research tools, such as Keyword Planner , which are free and can be used when starting a paid promotional campaign. As for the more powerful tools, they are found in marketing programs such as HubSpot or Marketo .

Site Seo check

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you have one of the free site SEO checking tools, you just have to press the F12 button while browsing to activate it.

The Lighthouse tool checks the internal SEO of the page you visited before running the tool directly.
In addition to evaluating the speed of performance, compatibility with modern standards for web design, and ease of access for those who suffer from visual and hearing difficulties.
It also provides tips on how to improve the evaluation with additional recommendations for the programmer to do.
Do not forget to save the report so that you can send it to the person responsible for the technical aspects of the improvement process.
Also, you should not neglect the mobile version of the report, as searches from mobile devices are more important than ever.

How to write an SEO friendly article

The article you are reading now was written taking into account the conditions of SEO, as it was:

  1. Search for the most relevant keywords on the subject of “SEO” using the Google Keyword Mapping tool
  2. Design the structure of the article so that it is divided into medium-sized sections of text
  3. Divide the sections of the article into sentences of medium length
  4. Arranging sub-headings in a manner compatible with SEO requirements
  5. Use keywords while writing the article in a manner acceptable to the search engine and the human reader at the same time
  6. Use internal and external links in the article
  7. Use pictures that help explain ideas and break boredom
  8. Taking care of the code so that it is compatible with the technical requirements of SEO

In short, these are the most important points to consider when writing an SEO-friendly article.

Check site for seo compatibility

There are many providers of this automated service that must be constantly updating their standards.
As we said, Google updates its algorithms on a daily basis, and when it announces a change, the administrator must be following all the new SEO standards.
Among the most famous of these tools:
is the undisputed leader in this field, as it provides a set of basic tools that are indispensable for any SEO expert, such as:
keyword research , which is free,
checking the site’s compatibility with SEO, and is paid with a trial period,
checking incoming links , and It is free to
track search engine rankings and is paid with a trial period

Seo wordpress

Sites that use the global WordPress software can do the bulk of the site's SEO checking process, often without outside help.As the software has many add-ons that automate and facilitate SEO improvement by integrating it into the work context.One of the most famous of these add -ons is Yoast , and it is available in two versions, free and paid, but the free version is sufficient in general.This add-on scans pages and displays reports on possible improvements, in addition to evaluating the seo of each page separately.It focuses on the content aspect and the way it is arranged and displayed, in addition to the search engine snippet aspect.

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