How to draw with artificial intelligence Midjourney

 In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has experienced a boom - mainly due to the availability of faster, cheaper, and more powerful parallel processing power and the rapidly growing flood of data of every kind. By processing thousands of images, a computer is able to learn about certain aspects of the world and make decisions in a way that is similar to how a human thinks. This presents an opportunity to teach machines how to draw - by observing pictures and drawings of real objects - so that they can be participants in the drawing process and not just a copyist.

Drawing with artificial intelligence   .

Not long ago, a tool spread on the Internet that uses artificial intelligence to draw! And not just copying or modifying, but creating new images from the creativity of intelligence, and this is all in return for some words that you write to him and describe to him the image you want, and do not worry after that, as the tool will reach the result without the need for any intervention from you, this matter has spread widely in the past days on the Internet For Western countries, but do not worry, we have transferred the full experience to you so that you can use it.

Artificial intelligence ? 

If you are wondering about artificial intelligence, its uses, applications, and how it is developed, we have provided a detailed article on " artificial intelligence " that you can read to learn about it in detail, but now let's enjoy drawing using artificial intelligence .

How to draw with artificial intelligence in the MidJourney tool.

An AI drawing tool is an app or software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and customize graphics and designs in real time. This tool can rely on many different technical tools, such as deep learning, learning from samples, and others, to analyze and customize graphics and designs, and determine the appropriate colors, shapes, sizes, and others.

The artificial intelligence drawing tool can be used in many fields, such as design, media production, advertising designs, and others. Users can take advantage of this tool to design complex graphics and designs faster and more efficiently, instead of the hassle of drawing and designing manually.

What is MidJourney? 

MidJourney  is a new AI-powered tool that can turn any imagination into a work of art from text. You may have seen some AI-generated art in the past. However, the arts generated from MidJourney will definitely blow your mind – not only are they unique but some of them are truly breathtaking. We were intrigued by the concept of text-to-image so we came forward to be a part of the beta version of this tool. We spent a few days playing with it and had a lot of fun! In this article, we want to show you some of the artwork that caught our attention. Then we'll show you some keywords we've tried or learned from other people's experiences. I hope this gives you some inspiration and helps you create defined artwork with clearer and more detailed instructions.

How to draw with artificial intelligence.

In the following video: 

I gave you an explanation of the method in detail. If you are a fan of reading articles, you can continue, but if you want to enjoy watching, you can watch the video. To continue with the article, continue reading, "Choose the next page indicator below." 

AI draws using the midjourney tool.

Which surprised many by the great development that artificial intelligence has reached recently, especially in the technical field, where it became able to imagine any description of anything. Between them and the images in a brilliant and dazzling way, and the surprising thing is that he uses the appropriate colors in their places, this is something that really amazed digital artists.

Explain the artificial intelligence drawing tool in detail.

1- First, to use the tool, you must have an account on Discord, and you can use the browser to access the Discord platform, or by downloading their program on your computer or phone.

2- All you have to do now is go to the site "midjourney", the developer of the tool, which will appear to you as in the following image, and all you have to do is click on the "sign in with discord" option.

3- It will automatically direct you to log in via Discord. Complete this step. And click on Sync as in the following picture.

4- After that, you are now in the Discord with the artificial intelligence drawing bot.
In order to tell the bot something, all you have to do is write a slash / then the interface will appear to you as below. Choose the first option, then write the description you want.

Information about drawing with artificial intelligence midjourney.

  1. The tool allows you to subscribe monthly for $10 with a limit of 200 images, or an open subscription for any number of images for $30 per month.
  2. You can join the tool group on Facebook to get free invitations to the tool " Facebook group Midjourney AI " 
  3. For instructions from the official page of the tool you can go to midjourney .
  4. The link to the tool is on Discord here midjourney  .

Will drawing with artificial intelligence affect designers?

AI can somehow influence graphic designers and digital illustrators, but that doesn't mean it replaces the work they do. Artificial intelligence can help analyze and customize graphics and designs and determine the appropriate colors, shapes and sizes, but designers working in this field must develop the right vision and designs that meet the needs of customers and the business.

Designers working in this field should learn from AI and use it as a tool in their work, not as agents that replace the work they do. Designers must remain responsible for defining the right vision and design that meets the needs of the clients and the business.

Midjourney codes - midjourney code!

There is no specific code that can be used with this artificial intelligence drawing tool, but all you have to do is tell it the thing you want, for example, you want to make the image angry, write angry, and only you do not have to use codes.

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