How to communicate effectively with others

Your success in the labor market requires many skills, and perhaps the most important of these skills is Communications Skills, as communicating properly with your colleagues at work and with the company's customers has a major role in your success in your work.

To communicate effectively with others, this communication must achieve a set of characteristics. These characteristics are grouped in the 7 C's model of effective communication. To succeed in communicating with others, you must achieve the characteristics of this model, whether it is verbal communication, oral communication, or written communication.

Verbal communication: This is by communicating with your colleagues at work, speaking in meetings, or speaking in front of an audience.

Oral communication: through body language, body signals and movements that you make.

Written communication: It is through writing to others, such as communication via e-mail, communication through official books in companies, or sales offers that are sent to customers.

As there are many communication skills within the three communication models, in addition to the skill of listening, communication through appearance and dress and creating the first impression.

Whatever the type of communication, it requires fulfilling the conditions of Form 7 C's in order for it to be effective communication. In this article, we will not talk about the very many communication skills that need many articles, but we will talk about Form 7 C's Effective Communication, that is, how to communicate effectively with others, to you Full explanation of this form:

The 7 C's model for effective communication is a model consisting of 7 words, and each word begins with the letter C, which are qualities or conditions that must be achieved in communication to be effective, and these qualities are:


The communication must be complete, so that it covers all aspects that the sender of the communication wants to send to the receiver of the communication, as a lack of information that the sender wants to send to the receiver makes the communication ineffective, and therefore the communication will not achieve its goal as a result of a lack of message or information, and this may It causes a misunderstanding of the receiver of the communication and thus may offend the sender or cause a misunderstanding of the message by the receiver.

Conciseness of brevity

For the communication to be effective, it must be brief, and this does not contradict the condition of completeness, as the communication must contain all the information that the sender wants to send to the receiver, but the sender must be brief and brief in the information, so as not to confuse the receiver and so that the receiver does not get lost in the many information For example, sending an e-mail of several pages may cause the receiver to get lost in the huge amount of written words, so the message is shortened with several lines that contain the main lines of the things that the sender wants to communicate to the receiver, so the information will be focused, and attract the reader more and not make him bored and not get His thoughts wandered.


It is important that the communication be clear so that you clearly define your goals for communication, and do not raise any kind of ambiguity about your goals and objectives that you seek. A meeting with your manager about your work in the company. If you want to get an increase in compensation or incentives, it is important to explain this to him completely, and do not circle around the issue without clarifying what is required, such as saying that I need to improve working conditions in the company, or I need more care. And attention from management, as these sentences will give broad and broad meanings, and your manager will not know exactly what is required of him.


When you send a message to the other person, it must be in a polite manner that respects and compliments the other party and does not hurt his feelings. For example, when communicating in writing, you must put titles with names when they exist, such as the word professor, doctor, or sir … etc. Another example of polite communication in communication if you are a manager. And you want to end your contract with one of the employees. You have to ask him to dispense with his services in a polite manner, such as by telling him that the company is reducing its activities and working to reduce the number of employees. Do not make him feel like a failure or tell him that we have taken a decision to expel you from the company, as this will greatly hurt his feelings. When communicating with others, a smile should be drawn on your face permanently, because it makes others feel that you care about them and that you are happy to communicate with them.

Correctness Use correct connections

In written communication, you must use correct words that do not contain spelling errors, or words that have many meanings. Pay attention to your body movements while communicating with others, as sending the wrong signal or inappropriate gesture may destroy communication completely, such as looking at the watch while the person is talking to you, this is evidence On boredom or not making eye contact with him and looking at something else.

Concreteness and support with facts

Your words must be supported by facts, numbers, statistics, and evidence. It is necessary that your communication be realistic and far from imagination or illogical ambitions. You must include evidence and proofs in every part of your words, for example if you are in a job interview and you talk about your previous experiences, you must support it. With real documents proving the truth of your experiences.


The conditions and characteristics of the receiving person must be taken into account, such as his level of education, culture, income level, current conditions, health and social status and everything related to it. It is wrong to speak in a general meeting of the company’s employees about those with educational degrees and say that they are better than ordinary workers, as this will hurt the feelings of the workers. In doing so, you made a fatal communication error.

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