How to benefit from Black Friday offers


How to take advantage of Black Friday discounts

White Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday, they are all names for the global discount day, it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and it is a perfect time to get the best prices on the products that people want to buy, whether you are buying online or in stores, it is an opportunity appropriate, here are some tips to help you make the most of these discounts:

  • Check ads and apps

Many retailers begin handing out Black Friday ads weeks before the actual shopping day, giving buyers plenty of time to start shopping for the best deals.

Recognizing the announcements early will help you structure the day so that those interested in the purchase can save time as anyone can benefit from early sales. at specified hours .

You can also join retailers' email lists or follow them on social media to monitor their offers as they are announced.

  • Price comparison

Compare Prices To be sure of getting the best price, especially for higher-priced items where savings can be significant, price comparison apps such as RedLaser, ShopSavvy, and others can be used, both of which compare and provide information on prices from many retailers to help the buyer find at the lowest price.

  • Research well before Black Friday

When you discover the products you want to buy, look for evaluations of different brands so that you are not surprised by the quality, and discover the most important products for this season so that you know the items that are difficult to obtain, and you must prioritize the purchase. Knowing the original prices of the products helps to determine the value of the big discount, or simple discount.

You should research each retailer's return and exchange policies before shopping, and understand the types of products that can be returned, the time limit for returns, and whether a receipt is required upon return.  

You should also know whether products can be returned, refunded in cash, or whether a replacement product is required from the store or a gift card .

If a person plans to shop online, he should know whether he can return the product to the store himself or if he is required to return it by mail. Some prefer to avoid stores with strict return policies, so you must check the store's policy before purchasing.

  • Find early shopping discounts

 You don't have to wait until Black Friday to take advantage of the flood of discounts around that time because many merchants offer early discounts. Starting early also gives you a better chance of getting everyone's products on time, before the stores run out of stock.

 You must closely monitor the price trends of the most important products that an individual needs, deals may be limited to a specific day or period of time, and products may run out quickly.

  • Plan where you want to shop

 Planning for the day will help to make the most of your Friday sale If the purpose is to search for the hottest products of the season, you should consider prioritizing them to buy first, as they can end quickly.  

Keep in mind that due to the pandemic, many merchants are experiencing product shortages, which may affect the availability of some targeted products.  

  • be ready

 Many retailers offer an exact competitive price match, which means they will lower your set price to match the competitor's price. Price matching gives you an opportunity to get an item at the lowest price at a preferred retailer.

  • I ask for gift receipts

If the product is for a gift, request a receipt proving it is a gift. Gift receipts make it easier for the gift recipient to return or exchange the item, and usually include a description of the purchase, but not the price.

A gift receipt can be requested for online and in-store purchases so that the person you love can make a hassle-free return or exchange. Some retailers, including Amazon, even make gift receipts available online or through their apps after purchase. .

There are some other important tips, including:

  • Ensure that the warranty exists.
  • Compare the same specifications in all sites with each other.
  • Know the price before and after, to make sure it's not fake offers.
  • Calculation of the price difference between the discounts period and regular days.
  • Preparing a list of priorities in purchasing, and taking into account the products that are of paramount importance over those that fall under the category of luxury.
  • Follow the sites that offer amazing discounts for a limited time, there are some sites that offer a big discount for an hour , for example, such as Jumia, and others. 

History and reason for naming Black Friday

The first recorded use of the term “Black Friday” was in New York 145 years ago, unrelated to Christmas shopping, where two investors named Jay Gould and Jim Fisk who were president and vice president of the Erie Railroad had a reputation as some of the most discerning financial minds on Wall Street.  

Black Friday began on Friday, September 24, 1869. A months-long plot to manipulate the gold market came to a head. Gold and Fisk had been driving up gold prices for weeks.

They buy huge reserves of the precious metal, and then one day, when President Ulysses Grant discovers the wisdom in their scam, he floods the market with gold causing a massive crash in the stock market.

This day became known as “Black Friday” because the effects were being felt in the American economy for years, thousands of speculators left financially devastated and many committed suicide.

Foreign trade has stalled while farmers are believed to have been perhaps the hardest hit, as many have seen the value of their wheat and corn crops drop by fifty percent.

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