Chihayafuru The exciting karuta manga returns after its last chapter with a surprise in November 2022!

Good news for fans and followers of the magical world of the wonderful manga Chihayafuru by the  creator  Suetsugu Yuki , which skillfully mixes the excitement and suspense of  “Karuta” / or the Japanese card game that is characterized by mental and physical skills. In the game that goes back hundreds of years... It seems that Chihayafuru's story is not over yet!  

The final chapter does not mean the end!

Despite the publication of Chapter No. 247 of the Chihayafuru manga  on August 01, announcing  the conclusion of our journey with the distinguished manga   that lasted for 15 years since December 2007, since its first chapter it has been able to attract the interest of many with its new idea and intertwined exciting and enthusiastic events and the construction of its tight characters with dimensions, To achieve over the years sales of more than 27 million copies between paper and digital volumes. We still have more!

The final volume of the Chihayafuru manga will contain an additional chapter

Be Love magazine, which   publishes the Chihayafuru manga , has announced to a pleasant surprise that the final compilation volume of the manga , the 50th, due for release this winter (November 2022), will also include an additional chapter as a branching side story or spin-off.

The theme of the new chapter has not yet been determined or its connection to the original story yet, but hopes are high that it will be more interactions between beloved characters and complement some points that were not covered in detail in the main chapters.

More details of the Chihayafuru  series :

Chihayafuru TV anime is no less charming and creative!

The wonderful manga that comes to us with ratings  (sports - drama - Josei - comedy - school) inspired

a TV anime produced by the well-established  Madhouse studios, which have  wonderful works such as  (Death Note anime   , One Punch Man  anime +  Hellsing Ultimate anime ) consisting of 3 seasons:

  •  25 episodes  for each of the  first  and second seasons
  •  24 episodes  for the latest season ( Season 3 )
  • A special episode of side events.

About “ Chihaya Ayase ”, a young girl who had no dreams or ambitions in life and did not know anything about her capabilities or talents, until one day her enthusiasm ignited with her experience of the karuta card game with “ Arata Wataya ”, her classmate who had recently transferred, so that the infection of the game’s love spread to her. To see herself and her lost passion.

And with her winning the first competition while she was still a child, and after cooperating with her childhood friend “ Taichi Mashima ” to form a team, the three friends “Chihaya - Taichi - Arata” pledge to continue even if distances and circumstances separate them, they will be united by the love of karuta and its matches.

And now, during the high school stage, and among the attempts of our heroes to improve their level and achieve their dreams of becoming a professional player in this exciting competitive sport and finding their way through life. We find enthusiasm, friendship, human relations, comic situations that warm the heart, and other dramas that life imposes on a journey that deserves to be taken to the end!

Manga page on the MAL website:  from here

Chihayafuru and live-action productions:

It also inspired a series of live-action films, the  first of which was shown   in March 2016 under the title  Kami no Ku  , followed  by the second part  under the title  Shimo no Ku   in April of the same year, then  the third and final part  - which came from the point of view of the director without Waiting for the end of the manga - in 2018 and achieved quite a bit of resonance, gaining a new audience.

If you haven't watched  the Chihayafuru anime  or read the manga yet (or even the live versions, whichever medium you prefer!), we highly recommend them!

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